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Typically, in the world of Central Oregon Landscape Photography photography there is a shoulder season between Autumn and winter which can be prolonged and unproductive.

As the sun slowly faded I enjoyed the kind of light that is a landscape photographer’s dream. As the light faded an attractive and almost electric scene developed along Big Lake’s shore line. Soon after the above shot was taken, the light faded, the wind picked up and I packed up my gear and headed home to Bend after a very successful and extremely beautiful sunset. Enough of my conservation ramblings, below is the photograph which reminded me of the struggle to save the skyline forest area.
The photos are amazing, and although I am sure that this is a majestic landscape, I think it must take an artist to capture the images.
Keep fighting the good fight, and hopefully this beautiful land will remain for the next generation.

Washington and Big Lake’s shore line illuminated by pastel skies high in the Central Oregon Cascades. Groups like the Deschutes Land Trust  are working hard to make sure that the cities of Bend and Sisters never have their view ruined and that valuable wildlife habitat isn’t permanently destroyed so that out of state developers can get richer.

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