This stunning image is one of the final shots taken by a freelance photographer who died while filming an underwater shoot near Florida.Wes C. He was passionate about bringing attention to the earth's most important resource - water.The August issue of National Geographic is on sale from today. Day three of the Inter-Secondary schools Sports Asssociation (ISSA) GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships, National Stadium St. A trail winds through dense bamboo forest in Haleakala National Park along the eastern shore of Maui, Hawaii.
Hi Keith – I was going to say the same — London commuters should stop whining and be thankful!

Wow, I like these photos when you can just gaze at it for a long time with all the details. Submit your photographs to Earth Shots for a chance to win the prestigious "photo of the day" title!
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Skiles, 52, a photographer for National Geographic, died last week during a research expedition examining underwater wildlife in his home state.National Geographic's cover story in its latest edition features a series of Skiles' incredible images - taken on a recent assignment to the Bahamas blue holes - and a tribute to the man described as a 'true explorer in every sense and a wonderful spirit'.

Skile's shot of the the 'Cascade Room' in the Bahamas blue holes is composed from three images and was taken 80ft beneath the surface. People come across the wolrd & gather for prayer for 3 days and after that they go back home.

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