What he meant by that is photographing for National Geographic is not a first-timer’s job. Our editors are constantly looking at magazines, books, newspapers, and online for photographers who deliver compelling pictures time and time again. Do you have something you want to ask Dan about travel photography? He’ll be answering reader questions periodically on the blog, so be sure to leave a comment.
I wish I work to this channel as photography but I am difrant idea for the photo shot I am not more experience but I wish I am work to new ideas. I would like to work in wild life as a wildlwildlife photographer or as a wildlife researchers. My greatest dream is to be a nat geo photographer specially if I had to visit new places, learn about the peoples, and many interesting things. I don’t even know if you are reading this but this is the kind of attitude i have develop in past few years , and i was confused if i am getting a lil too obsessed about this art . I have been taking pictures of landscapes and animals since I was a young teenager, now at 57 I still go out to shoot nature scrapes.
I have been taking photos for years , and still take photos I love it makes me feel so free ,and I love to travel I have a great photo of pyramid Lake and a story of what happened there years ago and about the trout that are in the lake it is a very cool place .I have photos from Ky, KeyWest Lake Tahoe im always taking photos have my camera with me at all times u never know what u may see . I am still contemplative about that experience and I hope to connect with a fellow photojournalist about the issue of objectifying our subjects for the sake of beautiful cinematography.
I’m a very passionate Photographer, and have been practicing since three years by photographing Birds, Nature, everyday life, Landscapes, Flowers and everything that I find in my way… I basically want to be a Wildlife Photographer and Ultimately work for NatGeo..
Hi , this is partha maitra ,i am holding a hospitality and tourism degree with overseas experience in hospitality department , but i am so much interesteng about international photography, like as travel ,and many more, so please tell me how can i make myself as a photographer , please please please its my dream become a photographar , please help me to find out the way . Thanks for share this information with us and i want something information about camera which good for a student who want to learn about professional photography.
To be part of an adventure is my passion, i want to ask you sir, that how i could take part of Nat Geo or how could i share my vocabulary to world through Nat Geo..?? I am still a teenager,but i have the interest to get into this field.Animal Photography…what all i have to do to get into it???
My passions are travel, photography and food in that order and I am at a point in my life that I can travel freely when I want and for however long I want…are there any specific mediums that you would recommend sending photos to, or are contests really a good way to get your photos out there?

Two weeks ago I decided to quit my career in sales and go travel around South America for a year.
I am hoping to take this opportunity to follow my dreams of becoming a travel photographer and since this was an impulsive decision, I am trying to prepare and teach myself as much as possible about travel photography. I would be keen to touch base with you directly as I would love to ask you a couple of questions and someone who can be my Critique. Iam a civil servant and because of the nature of my job i relate and work alongside journalist most especially photographers. I am a naturalist guide for the Galapagos islands, where are huge territories with no people, no constructions: divine and pristine nature . We have to propose the way, to keep this treasure against the ignorance of greed and images are a beautiful weapon. Mike (18 June), your advice on Chicago Sun Times sit has been for me sad info forasmuch as two decades ago I had seen it as an example of a good photojournalism.
At present i am a doctor but love to photograph alot n alot , I would love to work like that but only a future plan , anyway thanks for the information . I have lot of fantastic photos from iran nature .pls let me know how to send them to Net geo. To Jan Wolf: Get online and locate a form for photo releases and carry copies with you when you travel. National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) 51st Season of Dance, opening night, held at Little Theatre, Tom Redcam Drive on Friday night July 26, 2013. National Commercial Bank (NCB) presents the Driven Award Ceremony, held at Hope Gardens, Old Hope Road on Thursday night July 12, 2012. RJF National Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards Ceremony, held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston on Friday night January 20, 2012.
Freelance photographer Akihiko Okamura from Tokyo, Japan sits on couch, California, October 7, 1966. Okamura won the Overseas Press Award for his photographs of the Vietnam war front in Life Magazine. RJR National Sportsman and Sportswoman Awads Ceremony, held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston on Friday night January 11, 2013.

First you need to find out everything you can about that field, then you need to figure out who the decision-makers are.
Once they start to see a photographer’s name over and over associated with good work in different media, then they might reach out to those individuals and ask if they have any good story ideas.
The nature around us is preserved with misstries and i would love to unlock it…when i was in search of a combanion, with honour i understood the best one to nurish my talent is national geography. Thank you for the advises, I want to reach to environment, thats why i make photography as a part of my life.
By the way – this article gives the exact info for every aspiring photographers, and encourage them to make better works in this hope. This made me to develop interest in photography, filming most especially unusual behaviour of small animals in my compound such as rabbit,cat and turkeys. At the same time you must spend all your time taking pictures so that when you finally find the right person to talk to, you have the work to back up your ideas.
Iam so much committed, what advise could you give me to expand and eventually got engaged by NG.Anticipating your positive response, please. There followed years of real hard slog, projects, books and finally I sold some pics to them. And as student of history of arts i am documenting my research through words , visuals, dimensions, surfaces etc. I want to ask the qualification criteria and steps to become a National Geographic photographer.
My answer to the question is 1) times have changed and Nat Geo should not be seen at _the_ holy grail of photography and 2) do your own thing, photograph what you feel strongly about and don’t try to fit into a mould. I just want to know the steps to apply for National Geographic as a photographer for their magazines & other creative projects.

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