You can add up to five photos as attachments, though if you plan on sending multiple pictures it’s better to start from Photos app instead of Mail app because you can compose a new message containing several photos directly from there. Pressing an attach button would bring up a dialog box, then you’d have to find the file, etc.
The attach button is missing because of the sandboxing of iOS, so there is no file system accees wihtout JB. Mystic: you aer wrong, we dont want to learn new workflows, simply becuase that does not work in several cases.
It should be really easy for Apple to add an attachment button without offering complete file system access. Other people’s ideas boils down to tapping an attachment button, scrolling through pics, and touching a photo.
Another way to switch between open apps is to side swipe with four fingers; similar to switching between desktops in OS X Lion. I am going crazy – up till a few weeks ago I used to send high-res photos via my iPhone.

Problem is when you want to reply to an email you received and want to attach a photo to two to that reply!! This step does not work on an Iphone 4 once one photo has been added to the email and you want to add another. You are trying to save an attachment image from Mail to iOS, which is different from attaching images to emails. Aug 17, 2013 Yesterday I got an email with a video attachment (which was taken with an iPad) I opened the email with the Gmail app. Downloads, on the left will be a list of all the downloaded attachments Aug 18, 2013 How To Download Video Attachments. Jul 30, 2013 You have an email message in your Gmail inbox and that message contains Close the Google sheet and your Gmail attachments will start transferring to Podgallery Download Podcast shows.
Apr 8, 2011 Let me know at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll convert it for From your. Note the copy and paste method still works on the newest versions of iOS as well, it’s just not necessarily the fastest.

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Regarding current discussion, respect that there are usually multiple ways in technology to achieve the desired result; everyone finds the way that they prefer.
In the past, I would click a photo, say I wanted to email it, and it would prompt me asking how big a file I wanted to send…. When I open the email and go to tap on the JPEG I am unable to copy and paste the photo into the new folder. I had to actually do a web search just to find this Insert Photo feature, but I would’ve recognized an Attachment button immediately…!

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