You can add up to five photos as attachments, though if you plan on sending multiple pictures it’s better to start from Photos app instead of Mail app because you can compose a new message containing several photos directly from there.
Pressing an attach button would bring up a dialog box, then you’d have to find the file, etc. The attach button is missing because of the sandboxing of iOS, so there is no file system accees wihtout JB. Mystic: you aer wrong, we dont want to learn new workflows, simply becuase that does not work in several cases.
It should be really easy for Apple to add an attachment button without offering complete file system access.
Other people’s ideas boils down to tapping an attachment button, scrolling through pics, and touching a photo. Another way to switch between open apps is to side swipe with four fingers; similar to switching between desktops in OS X Lion. I am going crazy – up till a few weeks ago I used to send high-res photos via my iPhone. Problem is when you want to reply to an email you received and want to attach a photo to two to that reply!! This step does not work on an Iphone 4 once one photo has been added to the email and you want to add another.
You are trying to save an attachment image from Mail to iOS, which is different from attaching images to emails.
The Southampton Recycle App does so much more than just finding out when your next bin-day is. Unsure if you can recycle Engine oil, Batteries, Rubble or your embarrassing Cliff Richard vinyl collection?
Using your mobile phone overseas can be a godsend as a way to keep in touch and up-to-date, but unless you’re careful you may return home to a hefty phone bill. The main reason why people spend more money that they expected is because their phone has remained online and connected using 3G. To prevent your phone from going online via 3G, Turn off data roaming within your iPhone settings. If you find yourself in a sticky situation when you need the internet, and you don’t have access to WiFi, you may go into the iPhone settings and turn data roaming on, but turn it back off as soon as you have finished checking that website or email!
An optional step, if you want to further limit the amount of data being used by certain apps.
Once you enable emoji, you can access the emoji keyboard whenever the on screen keyboard is on screen. What if you want to add a photo to a replied message?, or what if you’ve already written your message and would like to attach multiple photos at the end? The second method for attaching photos will best serve you, although it’s not as obvious to perform. Mobile phones have come a long way since the days before mobile internet, built-in cameras, apps and having to put up with black and white screens which show a couple of lines of text at once. Keep on learningEvery week, we share shortcuts, app recommendations and general tips on everything Apple.
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Take a great photo on your iPhone and it’s natural to want to share it with friends and family. There are different nuances to how an application might handle sending attachments, but I’ll use Byword as example.

Whether you are sharing photos or documents, the method we’ve outlined on an iPhone or iPad will differ slightly from what you might be accustomed to on a Mac or PC.
Apple’s neurosis noted, this could be resolved if the installation of a product of iWorks or the use of iCloud gave users direct access to these files within Mail. Sorry — my previous comment was in reference to a different posting, addressing photos. Send attachments gmail message - computer, You can add attachments, like files, videos, and photos in your emails. Setup hotmail email account ipad ios app weekly, Want to setup your hotmail account on ipad air, ipad mini or other models? Email attachments ipad - work, This annoying multiple attachments ' normal ipad email . How email multiple attachments iphone ipad, Here' email multiple attachments iphone ipad.. The mail app in iOS 7 doesn’t include an attachment button, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attach photos and video with your messages. Learn how to enable Siri and ask basic commands… Siri is your own personal assistant. Note the copy and paste method still works on the newest versions of iOS as well, it’s just not necessarily the fastest. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
This is a crap, and this prevents iPad to be really used as an alternative to a laptop in enteprise segment. Regarding current discussion, respect that there are usually multiple ways in technology to achieve the desired result; everyone finds the way that they prefer. In the past, I would click a photo, say I wanted to email it, and it would prompt me asking how big a file I wanted to send….
It’s actually a really useful tool to get in touch and stay informed with the City Council for a wide range of services. Use the handy checker to see if you can use your own bins, otherwise you’ll get a map to your nearest recycling centre so anything can be disposed of safely.
You can even set a reminder on your phone so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night and take out the bins in your pyjamas. Throughout the day the phone is silently checking emails, updating apps, and sending you messages. But using Google maps or Apple maps is out the question as you’ll need an internet connection to use them. Even when you close apps your phone will still be checking emails and notifications, so turn roaming back off as soon as you’ve done! There is a setting allowing you to stop certain apps from sending and receiving data unless you are connected to WiFi. Most of the time it’s best to open the Photos app, choose a photo and then send it as an attachment. We’ve covered sharing photos from the Photos app, but you can also share photos directly from within your Mail application.
While iOS offers the capability to share a photo or video directly from within the Mail app, it will not allow you to send multiple photos, something accomplished only through the sharing option within Photos.
Depending upon the email client of the recipient, it’s possible that it will show as an attachment. It’s more complicated, but it enables you to attach images while composing emails, making it possible to format messages with text and images mixed together.

Find an image you want to insert into your message, then tap and hold your finger in the middle of the photo.
You can also paste videos from the Photos app into messages, although these will be compressed before sending. That means you can copy a photo from the web when using Safari, then paste it into an email, or paste photos and videos into iMessages. Split into six chapters, the book covers basics from talking to Siri and setting up email accounts, to advanced tuition including splitting the keyboard in two and editing photos. When I open the email and go to tap on the JPEG I am unable to copy and paste the photo into the new folder. For example you can report fly tipping and graffiti, find recycling locations and check which items belong in each collection bin.
This guide will show you everything you need to know about being able to get the most out of your phone, while making sure it doesn’t cost the earth. Pretty much any restaurant or coffee shop on the planet offers free internet to their customers.
As more and more are using their iOS devices for productivity and work, attaching files like Word documents or PDFs becomes a necessity. If you are working on a word document, PDF or other file that’s not a photo or video, there is no way to send it directly through the Mail app. Similarly, to attach files to an email on iPhone or iPad, you have to use a third party application. Once you’re ready to attach an image, sound or video file, press the Home button to close the Mail app — don’t worry, your message is still open in the background. I had to actually do a web search just to find this Insert Photo feature, but I would’ve recognized an Attachment button immediately…!
In our test, we received an email from Southampton City Council the next day and noticed the rubbish we reported in Shirley was removed within 48 hours. Hands-down the best app to go for is CityMaps2Go which will allow you to download a map of anywhere on Earth. The procedure is to share it via the third party app, which will in turn make use of the Mail app to do the dirty work of sending off the email. The iPhone is capable of sending an assortment of files including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more. Just tap it while viewing the image you want to share, select any further images then tap the Mail button. Best of all using GPS (to show your location) is always free and doesn’t cost you extra.
If you are looking to send Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, the best method is to use your preferred Office suite on the iPhone to share via email.
You can select some of then with one click (like you do for images), you can select all of them with one click only, you can select all contacts of one group… Any kind of selection. Also with this app you can import contacts from CSV file, delete all (or some contacts) very fast, create groups, assign contacts to groups… basically all you need for contacts.
It just saves you having to keep pressing the + key and going back to the contacts one by one. I wanted to cancel my service and they said no problem as long as I pay the 40 per month penalty for the remaining 23 months on the contract.

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