It’s that the time year again when things in the foreground seem to quieten down but in the background a lot is happening.
There are also several new activities that are included in Moodle 2.7 and these include the Attendance activity and the Flash card set.
The conditional release feature in Moodle: This allows you to restrict access to resources for students based on them completing certain tasks or activities. Reporting tool: This allows you to analyse how students are engaging with your Moodle site and see what resources they are frequently accessing or finding useful.

Hopefully, over the summer you will get a chance to explore some new aspects of Moodle and embed tools within your course that will prove useful to the delivery of your Module. More information about our improvement and upgrade plans will be communicated in due course.
The eLearning team have been busy making preparations for the next academic year and we are looking at improving our Moodle installation and upgrading our service. An eLearning advisor is always on hand for a chat if you would like to discuss ideas for embedding technology within your course.

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