Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have just been unveiled at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California will go on sale in the United States on Friday, September 19, confirmed the company. Both new iPhone 6 models are scheduled to ship on the same day, Friday, September 19, in the United States. By the end of 2014, Apple plans to have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available in as many as 115 countries around the world. Finally found 3 bloggers streaming through a ustream and they were also having problems but luckily not as much as i had so I atleast could follow a bit of the keynote.
Ow and eventually it wouldnt even stream on my devices, safari kept crashing on both the ipad air and the iphone 5.
That is true however there are far more users who struggle to fill the 16GBs so as of now thats probably why it still exists. Keeping 16 instead of just upping the base model to 32 is a scumbaggy attempt at pushing people to upgrade. Other than the screen size that you dislike, what features are you referring to on the 6+ that the 6 doesn’t have?
For more than a decade, iLounge has tried to strike a fair balance between expressing genuine enthusiasm for new Apple products and exercising appropriate skepticism regarding the company’s sometimes overzealous marketing. Ambiguous longevity aside, Touch ID eliminates all of the friction points commonly associated with fingerprint scanners. The scan begins with high-resolution imaging of the surface of your finger, but supposedly also looks to sub-dermal layers, reducing the prospect of fraud using photographs or other images of your fingerprint. In a nod to recent concerns about government spying on citizens, Apple claims that Touch ID only stores an abstract reference to your fingerprint rather than the actual print, and stores the abstract locally rather than over the Internet. Once the scan has been done once, Touch ID takes less than 2 seconds to match your fingerprint to the stored record, most often matching in under 1 second—so quick, yet so accurate in eliminating false positives, that there is little chance that an unauthorized user will accidentally be let in without a sophisticated hack. Our biggest issue with Touch ID is that it does too little at this point to justify an iPhone 5s purchase. A second issue with Touch ID is its odd need of repeated typed reassurance about your identity. Editors' Note: iLounge only reviews products in "final" form, but many companies now change their offerings - sometimes several times - after our reviews have been published.
Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now open in the UK, and will open at midnight in each of the regions where the phones will launch, including the US, Canada and Australia.
Both handsets (pictured) are available with pay-as-you-go starter packs, when bought from Apple. In the UK, the phones can be pre-ordered from O2, Vodafone, EE, Three and Virgin Media, Phones4U, plus the Apple Store. There’s no getting around the fact that if you want additional storage, you have to pay more for that extra space. Irrespective of whether you buy an iPhone on contract or at full-price, off contract, for each bump in storage, you’ll have to pay $100 more. No, I’m not talking about those pigs. I’m talking those customers who can blow through a GB of storage without blinking an eye. The 16GB device is great for the casual user who doesn’t store a lot of data on their device. It would have been great if Apple made the base model 32GB, but for some strange reason the company only doubled the storage of higher capacity models. With iOS 8, Apple also revamped the way photos get synced to iCloud, letting you access more photos than you can physically store on your device.

Basically dork is saying no customer has the right to criticize the features, specifications , and usability of any device sold by a hardware manufacturer for any reason and under any circumstances whatsoever. I think it could be argued that the average user would prefer buying a cheaper base phone and additional storage instead.
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Like before, these are subsidized so a two-year contract with your wireless carrier is required in most cases. As a point of reference, unsubsidized iPhones typically go on sale in the United States a few months following their release, barring countries where carriers are required by law to provide unsubsidized hardware alongside contract-based offerings, like in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere. That is the base model, for people like my family members who use their phones for casino games and Facebook. It’s a great business move on their part, and I have every right to dislike it and consider it scumbaggy. Retains the same 4” screen, LTE cellular support, and form factor, while offering three chassis color options and adding a fingerprint sensor. LTE service remains inconsistent between neighborhoods, cities, and countries, with widely varying data speeds and availability. Apple acquired fingerprint specialty companies to build the feature, and in typical Apple style has delivered something that’s impressively simple despite its conceptual complexity.
Beyond serving as a password substitute, it also lets you confirm iTunes Store and App Store purchases that would otherwise have required a password.
Currently, the fingerprint sensor requires you to re-authenticate yourself using a typed password every time you restart the iPhone, which hopefully won’t be too often. EE's online store crashed earlier today, and was still down at the time of writing (pictured). Do you download a lot of music, watch a lot of movies, try out a lot of apps or take a lot of photos and videos?
They either don’t download a lot of apps or rely on the cloud to store their music or photos.
I was planning to buy iphone 6 plus 128 and then I heard that 128gb models for iphone 6 plus and 64gb modles for Iphone 6 have a bug which reboots the phone and also i don’t think i would ever fill that much space i had 32 gb 4s with a lot of photos(around 3000) and some musics ( about 700-800) and A LOT of appes and i barely reached to 24 gb so I believe hat 64 model is great!
Now, go buy a nice 128Gb card for your Android and leave the people discussing Apple products alone. Storage is so cheap these days, this is just Apple trying to get even more money from an already overpriced phone. LTE service remains inconsistent, now with not only widely varying data speeds and availability, but also increased user saturation in areas with “strong” signals. When you’re initially setting up your phone, you can choose to scan a single finger, a sub-one-minute process that requires no more effort than touching the Home Button, lifting your finger, touching it again, and repeating until an on-screen fingerprint-style progress meter shows that a piecemeal scan of your fingerprint area has been completed.
Unless your iPhone 5s is stolen by a secret agent with all the necessary equipment waiting in an unmarked van nearby, you have a better chance of remotely wiping the phone before it’s unlocked than losing your data to the thief.
If Apple’s really confident in Touch ID, it should be using the feature to facilitate all sorts of transactions beyond its digital stores, including replacing credit cards and offering authentication access to third-party developers.
If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then you could use the extra capacity afforded in a 64GB or 128GB device.
I know a lot of people who opt for the 16GB version to save money and then come to me in five months with questions about clearing space on their device because it is filled to its maximum capacity. These customers use their phone for a few key activities and are not interested in storing half their life in their pocket.

They may be a DJ or  a VJ and  have a large music library they need to carry around with them or they are reporters who take a lot of photos or videos in the field and need the space to store the clips until they get back to the office. For a small monthly fee, or even for free if you are OK with ads, you can stream your music to your phone and not store a single music track on your phone.
Btw money is not an issue but it’s really suck to see your new phone crashes 4-5 times a day and reboot it self.
Since I can buy a 64 GB for the same price now, I may upgrade to iPhone 6+ in about 6 months.
In a recent iLounge survey of nearly 1,600 readers, only 16% said that they would use a fingerprint scanner solely for device unlocking; over three times as many readers (53%) wanted the feature to be used for secure transactions, as well.
If Touch ID is supposed to provide added security and convenience, we have to wonder why it so frequently requires old-fashioned password input rather than just a supposedly secure fingerprint. This strategy is great until they hit their storage limit when trying to download a new app, or take a photo with the Camera. The model is also reasonably priced, it’s only a $100 more than the 16GB and gives your four times the storage. This music streaming service may be an easy way to listen to music without loading up your phone. See my post above, my 16gig is TOTALLY full and has barely anything on it as I’m concerned. BTW, I am NOT an Apple fanboy, I use Samsung, so this applies to any comments of this sort for any manufacturer. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Major boosts to 3-D graphics capabilities and CPU power can increase frame rates and speeds of numerous power-hungry apps. Looking beyond the casual user is the cloud user, who has a lot of data but doesn’t store it on their device.
Well worth the cash to avoid the hassle of having to constantly delete music when you want to download a new album. Compatible with past iPhone 5 cases and batteries; offers better battery life than iPhone 5 under some conditions. Due to marketing or manufacturing issues, gold versions are effectively unobtainable at press time, and silver versions are in very short supply.
Because most of their data is in the cloud, they may be able to squeeze only the critical files they need on a 16GB model and access the rest over the internet.
Siri took two years to come out of beta, Passbook has gone almost nowhere since it launched in iOS 6, and Maps has similarly spent a year delivering underwhelming results. He has also written for Wired, Playboy, Boing Boing, Popular Mechanics, VentureBeat, and Gizmodo. Riven and other games can easily be one or even two gigs in size, and non-games (the WWII App, for example, or the new Yoga App) can also reach those same numbers.

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