January 9, 2014 by Ben Souza Leave a Comment Half Moon Cay was voted the best private island in the 2013 Cruise Fever Fan Awards. The 2,400 acre island in the Bahamas is owned by Holland America Line. If you would like to visit Half Moon Cay, you do not have to take a Holland America cruise to get there. Half Moon Cay has mile long beach that offers cabanas, beach villas, horseback riding, water sports, a stingray adventure, or the option to just kick back and relax by the crystal clear water. Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas, came in a close 2nd place in voting. Rounding out the voting was CocoCay (Royal Caribbean) coming in 4th, Princess Cays in 5th, and Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian Cruise Line) in 6th. Cruise Fever would like to thank everyone who voted in the 1st annual Cruise Fever Fan Awards. Ex-Cruise Worker Reveals Insider Secrets of Cruising!These tips and tricks might just shock you!Get your FREE copy of this 30 page ebook just for joining our email newsletter! Special Christmas Discount!50% off prints and 10% off BooksUse discount code xmas at checkout', CAPTION, 'Christmas Special')" onmouseout="return nd();">Christmas Discounts up to 50% Off.
Our river cruise started and ended in the port of Bordeaux, France, a lively city in the Aquitaine region of Southwestern France.  As the ninth largest city in France with over 5 million tourists per year, Bordeaux is a city rich in history, excellent eats and a thriving metropolis perfect for visitors looking to experience city life and an ideal base from which to explore the wineries of the region. Our river cruise then returned to Bordeaux in time for the weekend at the end of the cruise and we took a nighttime bus tour for a history lesson and to take in the city’s beauty at night.

We also stopped to learn about the ancient Roman ruins that are hidden in between grand boulevards and quaint residential streets. And to do like the locals do, we parked our bikes and popped in to an outdoor cafe for a much-needed drink out on the patio and just watched the hubbub of the city on a Saturday morning.
I know where you took that last picture and I’ve got to ask, where did you eat in Bordeaux? Hello, I have to say that without more research and spending more time in Bordeaux, I can’t really give an informed opinion on markets or restaurants.
Check out some insider secrets to saving money on cruises and avoid the 20 mistakes that most cruisers make with the Intelligent Cruiser here (Sponsored). On our very last day, we ended the cruise with a leisurely morning bike ride excursion in the city with guide Paolo. Under protection of the state since 1911, the amphitheater, called the Palais Gallien, is being preserved by the city and reminds us of the Roman influence that once was.
The quality is very good, I won’t deny that, but honestly I feel that it is just for tourists and bordelais bobos. If I remember correctly, the entire complex took up 20 times the area occupied by the ruins today. The local markets are a must-do including the walk along the Quai des Chartrons on Sunday morning.

We made several stops all around the city center including a stop to check out the bronze statue below of Francisco Goya, the Spanish artist who spent the last four years of his life in Bordeaux.
It is very beautiful, but I shop at other markets because I just can’t afford that quai market. We did see some interesting looking gastronomic restaurants on a tour though that I’d love to go back and try. The city of Madrid gifted  the statue to Bordeaux  back in 1995 and it now stands just footsteps from the Notre-Dame church, where Francisco Goya’s funeral was held. I definitely agree with what you said about the food in Bordeaux – it is excellent in my opinion. We took a stroll down the Quai des Chartrons upon first arriving in Bordeaux to take in the sights from the Garonne before cruising down the river the next day.
Here’s a shot of the Palais de la Bourse which overlooks the river and is beautifully lit up at night.

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