Computer to iPhone Transfer: This tool can also transfer your music, photos, videos, eBooks, messages, contacts and voice memo's etc.
Display iPhone device info type, capacity (available and used space), format, and version. Your presence on this page signifies that you are looking for a solution to the age old problem of transferring files from iPhone to computer or from your computer to an iPhone.

But there are some limitations with iTunes, it only allows one way synchronization (due to strict copyright acts) - from the Computer to the iPhone. For example, what would you do if you just formatted your hard drive and all your data is on your iPhone, or you want to back-up your files on PC, or get a song off a mate's iPhone? If you are in these circumstances, then you need to grab a third-party iPhone to PC transferring utility.

It is also an ideal solution to back up all of your iPhone messages, contacts and other data as a database file to your computer for safety reasons.

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