You can find detailed instructions at the xda-developers forum, but here’s a simplified list of steps I took to create a bootable USB flash drive using a Windows PC.
This will reboot your device into the UEFI settings area, which looks like an old-school BIOS menu. If all goes according to plan, your device should now boot into a GRUB bootloader menu, giving you the option of trying or installing Ubuntu. The user interface may also be a bit sluggish — in order to get the X Server to load a graphical user interface, we had to delete the vesa graphics driver. If you find that your keyboard is suddenly typing the wrong characters, it might be because you pressed a certain combination of keys that put the keyboard in a different mode.
You might find that instead of typing a question mark ?, you get this A‰, or instead of a quotation mark ", you get this ``.
This happens because your keyboard has three different modes that allow you to use some of the strange blue characters on your keyboard.

It ships with Windows 8.1 software, and it works pretty well as a Windows tablet, notebook, or even desktop PC.
It’s easy to get to the Windows advanced boot options or the UEFI firmware options and spot the options that should let you boot a different operating system from external storage. So by figuring out what made the CloneZilla image special, paperWastage figured out how to boot Ubuntu Linux. Use the following settings: GPT partition scheme, FAT file system, 64 kilobyte cluster size. The touchscreen and touchpad won’t work here, but you can navigate using the arrow keys and enter key on the keyboard. As the system reboots, press and hold the F2 key so that you return to the UEFI Settings menu. While Ubuntu should boot up on your system at this point, you’ll probably see the Ubuntu logo for a moment or two and then get dumped out at a command prompt.

If the system freezes (or you’re impatient), you can also press and hold the power button until the tablet shuts down.
The only difference is you can use the keyboard and touchpad to make your selections, but not the touchscreen. But most operating systems won’t boot, and will instead just dump you back into the Windows bootloader. Note that you can complete these steps with the USB drive plugged in or without it — but I had a bit more luck without it.

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