Lomo photography, or lomography as it’s called, has been all the rage in the past few years.
As we were saying earlier, we have it easy when it comes to trick photography and special effects these days, especially when we are talking about HDR photography.
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Whether you are beginners, amateurs or professionals, special effect photography is fun and in easy. I'm passionate about this stuff, and I couldn't rest until I could get the kinds of pictures I wanted to get. All those cool visual effects, that out of this world stuff - IA neededA to know how it was done. Photography is my passion, and if you've been bitten by the bug, you'll know what it feels like to have that burning need to getA justA the right shot.
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THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ENDORSED OR SPONSORED BY ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, PUBLISHER OF AdobeA® PhotoshopA® software. A few years ago, you needed to invest a lot of money in devices in order to achieve what you can nowadays with a good digital editing program on your laptop. If you don’t have the tools to create a motion blur photograph, relax, there is a way you can artificially achieve it.
It can be achieved with camera movements and selective focus, but also through digital post-processing.
The great thing about this type of photography is that, like the others presented earlier, its special effects can be achieved through Photoshop. You can capture great HDR images with expensive cameras, but the effect can also be achieved through Photoshop (is there anything Photoshop can’t do?!). If you want to do it old school, then you will need a film or an image sensor that is sensitive to infrared light.
You can either use cameras with a slow shutter speed or simply use Adobe Photoshop to warp the images until you get the desired effect. If you want to learn how to achieve images that seem taken out of a railway model scene, then we suggest you do a quick online search for tilt-shift Photoshop tutorial and start making your own fake miniature scenes and photos!
You don’t have to buy yourself a LOMO Russian camera from the 80’s just to get that cool look. HDR photography produces colorful and striking images and the technique has become extremely popular in the past few years. The only downside of manipulating motion blur photography in Photoshop is that they might come out looking unprofessional or unnatural. The great thing about infrared photography is that it allows us to see what our eyes cannot see. Take your time while processing them and search for some tutorials online, you’ve got plenty to choose from. We can’t see infrared light, because it lies beyond what is classified as the human visible spectrum.
Everything, humans, trees, the water and buildings, can and will reflect IR light in ways that will help you achieve stunning photographs.
Any trademarks, service marks, personal names or product names are assumed to be the property of their respective owners and are used only for reference. There is no implied sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval, or endorsement if we use one of these terms.

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