This guest post about time-lapse landscape astrophotography is written by Christoph Malin from Austria.
Last year I got myself into landscape astrophotography as I was invited to do a story about that topic for a German Nature Magazine. I have taken all footage with Nikons D700 (my astro-favorite), D300, some footage with D3x just to test and just recently I added a D7000 to my setup. Time-lapse photography itself is demanding on cameras as well as on the hardware in post processing. Time-lapse is also extremely demanding on post processing, as you get lots of gigs of NEF raw images to finally extract the time-lapse footage. But in the end, when you first watch your time-lapses on the big screen, it is very very rewarding. This entry was posted in Other Nikon stuff and tagged astrophotography, Christoph Malin's timelapse video, [NR] Guest Posts. I try to shoot in aperture priority to avoid colour change, but for a few hours in darkness, manual is fine. I’m an astronomy and photgraphy lover myself, but only recently I’ve became acquainted with this wonderful time-lapse astrophotography world! Congratulations on your work and congrats also for all others that, like you, devote time and patience to create such wonderful masterpieces! Touched by Strangers shows the ever so slow progression of flower as they bloom, made visibly observable through the simple magic of animated GIFs. There is a beautiful contrast against the black background which allows the flowers’ natural beauty to stand out. I am a freelance photographer who is no stranger to smudged lenses, long hours in front of the computer, heavy camera bags (and the back aches that ensued) and missing lens caps. This problem is that many of you are growing plants that have too much vertical stem growth, and not enough bud growth. When we see a plant that is for example four feet tall, half or more of the height is in stem growth, and most of that stem growth is NOT stem that is covered in sticky, gooey, dense, large-diameter buds-we see a big problem. Outdoors, you probably don’t have light-related physical height limitations- after all, the sun is pretty far away and your plants are not likely to bump into the sun anytime soon, but you do want your plants to be as short and productive as possible. But it’s obvious to us from looking at reader photos that many growers are not using several easy ways to get bigger harvests by controlling the ratio of stem to bud, and by limiting vertical height.
So as always we at Soft Secrets are the only people giving you the insider secrets from the world’s most successful grow­ers so you get bigger, better harvests and make the most from your grow equip­ment, nutrients, electricity and time. Please note that these yield-boosting instructions have to be applied slightly differently, depending on whether you are growing clones or seedlings, indoors or outdoors, and on the particulars of your overall crop season length.
Some people think you should be very gentle with clones and seedlings when it comes to how much light you give them early on. But the most successful growers pump high intensity light onto their clones and seedlings as soon as they can. Since it has been suggested that the idea of leaving the oceans (and then coming down from the trees) was not a wise thing to do, I decided to return to our distant ancestor’s water element for this summer.
July and early August at the remnant of the ancient Sea Tethys, where also happens to be my motherland. After praying to all the Greek sea gods that I could remember for an opportunity to collect the data I needed for my 3rd thesis chapter, the opportunity arose. The history of every major marine research has passed through 3 recognizable stages, those of: Survival, Enquiry and Sophistication.
And for the third ultimate question about the meaning of life, universe and absolutely everything, eeeh I meant the sampling site, the ultimate answer: Greece! To avoid this sort of misunderstandings, bio-acousticians have been feverishly working on decoding the dolphins’ vocalizations. Different species of cetaceans are known to produce different types of sounds, resulting from various factors such as morphology, genetics, ecology, sociality, and culture. The geographic variations of cetacean sounds are usually divided microgeographically and macrogeographically.

Being a communicative creature myself, I feel the need of these dolphins in the Aegean to be understood.
And the same time I will use this information to identify different dolphin species in my N. Because the times are hard and funding appears dimly or not at all in the horizon, I had to recruit some old skills of mine to make this happen.
I first thumbed a ride when I was doing my undergraduate at the island of Lesvos, in Greece. Not too far from the area that I have my hydrophone deployed and I get part of my acoustic data; there is the island of Alonissos. So I bought a big hat, I got my dipping hydrophone, swimming suit as my uniform and my Dolphin Quest began! Fortunately dolphins are curious creatures and if the boat is not too noisy they will swing by for a bit to check it out and hopefully play with its wake.
My days passed with me jumping from the one vessel to the other exploring extensively the N.
My field trip ended with recordings from 3 different dolphin species, 2 monk seal encounters, countless seabirds, and 3 illegal spear-gun divers. And now I am back in Newport, my skin has still some tan left and all the Greek memories are still fresh with strong salty flavor. My gratitude to the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades and MOm, the Northern Aegean Dolphin Project, for their hospitality and help. This photograph is © 2014 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
As I dug deeper into the astrophotography scene and all the dedicated international websites, conferences and events, I got to know many interesting astrophotographers. A problem we have on our beautiful planet, that hinders us to watch a clear night sky from our crowded cities or illuminated landscapes. I like the D7000 a lot as it is super fast, lightweight, has a very good noise-to-signal behaviour and a crop which is useful for deep space astrophotography. Seeing Kitamuraa€™s videoa€™s transformed into GIFs, one cannot help but yearn for the colorful spring flowers that will soon pervade gardens everywhere.
From humble buds to fully-blossomed arrangements, the time-lapse GIFs capture the different colors and textures we may otherwise miss.
If you know what I'm talking about, you probably have as much love and passion for photography as I do. We love them, especially when the world’s hottest babes are undressed in them, but we keep noticing a persistent problem that we want to solve for you. You have your lights above your plants, of course, and this limits how tall your plants can get. It’s true that clones sometimes need to be rooted under fluorescent or lower-intensity light because they haven’t developed a root system that can handle huge demands from intense photosynthesis or intense heat from grow lamps yet.
Tethys Sea, prior to its closure into the Mediterranean Sea, it was the one of the 2 world oceans during the Earth’s early life, when geography class would had been so much simpler (history too) with Pangaea being a unique super-continent. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man — for precisely the same reasons. For example, the calls that sperm whales, humpbacks and common dolphins produce are significantly different from each other in so many ways that are clearly distinguishable by an expert ear (and eye that inspects the spectrograms). It has been shown that within the same species, some cetaceans tend to produce different sounds when they live in different areas. For instance the striped dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea produce different whistles than the ones in the Atlantic.
The marine area around Alonissos Island, together with 6 more islands, 22 islets and rocky outcrops is one of the few remaining habitats of the Mediterranean monk seal; the only seal specie in Med. To impose these regulations and ensure the good management of the reserve, the guards of the Marine Park patrol daily the marine protected area. There's a time-lapse video on YouTube that compresses the 6 days of construction to 6 minutes.

Some of them often do time-lapse astrophotography with a second or even third camera whenever they do skywatching and deep space imaging. Even here in Tyrol, Austria, where we live in an area with some silent and dark valleys left with low population, Light Pollution has become an issue in the recent decade. I tried saving on camera as jpg but even with all controls set to manual the brightness gets adjusted each shot, so it can flicker a bit. They were started by artist Yutaka Kitamura for a series called Touched by Strangers, a performance project she did in collaboration with artist Alexander Reeder.A Touched by Strangers is a GIF series that showcases the striking beauty of flowers as they fully blossom.
This fact makes the lives of the bio-acousticians easier because it helps us to identify different species of whales and dolphins by just listening to them.
So the sperm whales in the Pacific produce codas (a type of vocalization indicative of sociality and communication) that are different to the ones of the Mediterranean sperm whales. Also the striped dolphins that live in the western Med sound differently than the ones that dwell in the eastern side.
In case you are not fortunate enough to study and work on the field with the charismatic megafauna, I should enlighten you into the specific  requirements of cetacean research: HIGH BUDGET!
Too far to walk when you are already late for the morning lecture, too close to wait for the bus that has a very irregular schedule, too expensive for taxi while being a student, and just the right distance to be given a lift!
Disclosure: [NR] is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). The raw time-lapse video was originally recorded by Kitamura and Reeder, and was later assembled into an animated GIF series on Tumblr. She was the daughter of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth), both sister and wife of Oceanus (there are no taboos if you are a god). The second, by the question “why do I do this research”, and the third “where in the world is the seawater warmer and clearer”.
Similar is the case for pods of killer whales that use different habitats and target different prey. Applying the same logic, the ones that inhabit the Aegean Sea will have a different “accent” than the Ionian Sea habitants. The lovely people that work for the Marine Park accepted me on their daily patrols, allowed me to get on their boat and look for dolphins while they were looking for any illegal activity. And while I was trying to compromise with the idea of having only striped dolphins’ recordings and thinking of the shift I would give to my research, disappointingly looking for any dolphins, the common dolphins appeared and gave me hope again! Likewise, different geographic populations of dolphins that belong in the same species have different call characteristics. Past studies have revealed the existence of variations in the whistle acoustic structure of a striped dolphin within the different regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Money for renting a boat, gas money for the boat, money for the boat crew (a captain at least is required) and money for the acoustic instrumentation. Now that I have reached a Ph.D level and I only possess a bicycle, my hitchhiking skills have equally improved and can be utilized for science. Later on the same day a mixed group of common and bottlenose dolphins was having a long dinner close to our boat. This photo is actually one of 1,466 in a World of Color time lapse video (make sure you watch that!) that I shot that evening. The dolphins we encounter there (common, striped, bottlenose, and risso) have not been acoustically recorded (during visual encounters) and classified.
If all of the additions to Disney California Adventure that open this summer are as good as World of Color, Disney fans are in for quite a treat!What do you think of today’s photo? There were far enough to not be interrupted by my presence but close enough to hear them while I had my head underwater. This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with The Walt Disney Company.

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