AP speaks to Mr Kazuto Yamaki in an exclusive interview held at the company's headquarters in Aizu, Japan. Award winning photographer Stan Raucher talks to us about his recent project, travelling the world's metro systems to capture candid moments of everyday life that reflect the human condition. In AP 13 August we speak to top pros about how they set up their autofocus for various genres of photography.
I have shot with digital for around 8 years now, and still use digital for video work, but not photography anymore. The lack of the lcd screen, endless functions and extortionate pricing with digital is welcoming, but the biggest difference is of course the image.
When I push a roll 2 stops and grain increases, it doesn’t look offensive like digital noise, but natural.
Exposure in film photography is defined as the quantity of light that is allowed through the camera lens and onto the photo film controlled by the intensity of light (through the aperture) and length of time (determined by the shutter speed). Technically speaking, the correct film exposure does not exist as different photographers will have a different idea of what is properly exposed and what is not. Most modern 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film cameras have through-the-lens (TTL) meters that intake the amount of light available to help you determine the best exposure. Composition is the singular aspect that marks the difference between a good photograph and a bad photograph.
Now that you’ve learned more about basic photography composition, try applying your knowledge to depth of field, motion photography, and night photography techniques.
I am not a photographer, but I like to take photographs using compact cameras and 400 ASA film to take pictures of everyday life, in the way it goes on – photographs that appear to be portraits, of course, because every photograph that I take is nothing less than a reflexion of myself. We need to be intuitive, because it is then that life provides us with chances to record “the good moments” – when we go beyond the limits of the viewfinder, but also beyond the limits of our own perception. UK, publisher of Amateur Photographer and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. Your ratio as a photographer greatly increases as well, 2 or 3 photos on a shot i definitely want to get- not 10.
For correct exposure in a film camera, whether 35mm, medium format, or large format, it is essential that you correctly set both the shutter speed and aperture.

These types of light meters are called Reflective Meters as they measure the light bouncing off your subject and into the camera lens. Because contrasting images may contain white areas, mid-gray areas, and black areas, the light meter is forced to take an average reading of average gray. With film cameras that feature automatic exposure, preview buttons, automatic focusing, digital backs for medium format, and so forth, the technical process can no longer effectively measure and differentiate the amateur from the professional. This rule simply states that photographers should position the subject on an intersection of the thirds as opposed to the center of the frame.
This rule helps to put the subject at an angle other than straight on and squared at the edges.
On the other hand reflexion of light is darkness, but darkness may also reflect on us. When I go in the streets, I like to look at people, but I also look at myself.
These little pieces of “the other reality” go beyond the limits of perception and knowledge – for we still use categories and etiquette. I know with film it always captures how I see and feel things more accurately than digital. Depending on whether you want to see all the detail or darken it for night will determine the right exposure for you. For beginners using a camera without a light meter, it is highly suggested that you purchase a handheld meter to use. This is of prime importance, especially in beach or winter photography, as the bright areas will be measured as mid-gray.
The Sunny 16 rule then dictates to use the next highest shutter speed above the ISO film speed. Because photographers have complete control over their equipment, composition is a necessary photography technique. It should be noted that the rules developed for basic photography are only guidelines to help beginners understand what they are doing. This basic photography rule works particularly well for landscape photographers, but also works well for various other subjects. A system was developed to compensate for the mid-gray exposure by exposing for the darker shadow areas.

This basic photography guide to composition will provide you with the basic training to help take your film photography from mediocre to great. Once you begin to develop a knack for photography techniques and composition, you can bend or break these rules as you begin to understand why you are blatantly breaking the rules.
I like to go out and create my own reality by picking up fragments of life, putting them together and creating a piece of mosaic.
An act of presence – imagination touched by mind, which becomes an instrument of knowledge. Incident readings put the light meter directly in the light of the subject to capture one light source instead of an overall average. It’s much easier to remember shutter speed equals ISO film speed, but always remember the shutter speed will likely not match. One owl sits on one third on the left side while the other sits on the third on the right side. The more dynamic image, however, puts the skyscraper at an angle to shoot it out of the frame.
Then this mosaic can start its own life and I become its spectator, a researcher that studies the relation between reality and “that other reality” to which our world is only a shadow. The shadows “bring” us back to “reality”, providing a bridge to connect the “disconnected” or “retarded” moments with our illusions. Illusions to reality – establishing a tight bond like the bond between black and white, these two colours being two extremes and in the same time containing all the colours in between, a form of visual dualism. For a picture of the door knob, don’t photograph it straight on – try looking for different angles to use.
The door handle photography will likely be much more interesting from a perspective that you normally do not see. Shadows are the proof that tells us in which world we currently are – an act of recognition.

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