Mountaineering or Mountain Climbing is a challenge that varies from a sport over a hobby to professional hiking, skiing, and climbing mountains.
2013 Calendar update: at the time of this post I only need $39 more to fully fund the project! Last weekend my girlfriend, Aubrey, and I headed south to Oregon’s Smith Rock for some rock climbing. Since Aubrey usually does most of the leading, I get a lot of time to sit and ponder life as I belay.
As I belayed, and my mind wandered, I discovered a lot of similarities between photography and climbing. Field of Dreams : Prints AvailableA field of Teasel in late morning backlight in early fall in eastern Oregon. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering where, when, and how I could make a unique photograph. Indian Summer : Prints AvailableBlooming rabbitbrush, illuminated by the morning sun in eastern Oregon.
About Me: My name is Floris van Breugel, and I'm a part-time nature photographer and full-time scientific researcher with a PhD in engineering and a focus on the neuroscience of insect flight behavior.
Featuring images and travel tips from my adventures: California to Alaska, and a little in between. Dubbed the Scenic City, outdoorsy Chattanooga presents a course nestled against the towering Cumberland Plateau and the rambling Tennessee River. Chattanooga, Tennessee lures athletes with its dramatic scenery, idyllic weather and low-key southern charm. Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga begins with a point-to-point swim that is mostly downstream in the Tennessee River. After I posted the Amazing German Designed Cat Climbing Furniture, I received countless inquiries from readers in the US and Canada hoping to purchase the wall- and ceiling-mounted cat furniture.
My kitty was killed by the Chinese melamine contamination in her food and so I NEVER buy a pet product not USA made – I so appreciate you highlighting this. Beautifully designed from high quality items( wood and rope) I think it’s a wonderful idea and great to help keep the kitty’s in shape and help to keep their minds and physical abilities sharp all while being entertaining and fun! The polyhedron structure is made of plywood encased in fabric, then wrapped in a removable washable slipcover.
The bed’s top surface tilts down toward the wall in the middle, so kitty is slightly cradled against the wall.
The new wall-hanging cat bed is available from the Like Kittysville Etsy shop for $89 and extra slipcovers are $32 each. Very attractive, especially the brown and gold one; but I’m wondering how comfortable they are? In those expeditions we usually faced some difficulties and that would make the adventures exciting. While mountaineering began as attempts to reach the highest point of unclimbed big mountains it has branched into specializations that address different aspects of the mountain and consists of three areas: rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock, snow or ice. Of course, once it’s funded you can continue to preorder through kickstarter to guarantee yourself a calendar!
Smith Rock is a large block of Basalt and Tuff sculpted out by the appropriately named crooked river, and is considered by many to be the birthplace of modern American sport climbing.
Sometimes I think about my scientific research, or perhaps a photograph I’d like to make, but a lot of the time I just listen to the rustle of the leaves and feel the sun on my face. After the successful debut of the full distance race in 2014, Sunbelt Bakery IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga offers the perfect training opportunity for those getting ready for the September race, or a chance to race in one of the sport's most welcoming race sites for those seeking a half-distance race opportunity.

Athletes will begin with a short up-river section before making the turn and heading downriver to the transition area.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy (or affordable) way for those of us in North America to get our hands on it, but I did just learn about this US-based company that offers a similar concept. You can create your own unique kitty playground in the sky by combining the elements in a way that fits your home and your cat’s preferences. We always aim to stock a wide range of hedging, and usually after speaking to a customer for a moment or two, it is relatively easy to garner enough information in order to determine which hedge will suit their situation. This slipcovers are made of a combination of vintage and new upholstery fabrics and each one is unique. The guide book alone has over 1800 climbs listed, ranging from small boulder problems to 1,000 foot multi-pitch adventures. For both climbing and nature photography you can buy guidebooks that will tell you everything you need to know to either ascend a particular route, or take a particular photograph. The bike course offers spectacular views of Lookout Mountain as the riders head out 11 miles south of town for a rolling 34-mile loop in Georgia.
Off The Wall custom builds wood cat furniture that mounts to the walls and ceiling, including suspended hideaway boxes and gangplank catwalks. Love the creative way to add more space for kitties that allow them to do all the perching they heart desires. It’s a modern geometric cat bed that mounts to the wall, serving double-duty as a cat climbing shelf.
In life, it is very important to set a goal and adjust yourself for accomplishing it, because it gives you a picture of who and how big you are, what are you ready to do for yourself and how big that goal is. It is also important to have a planned climb, consult with experienced climbers about the equipment you will need and attend the climb.Raise your adrenalin and conquer a mountain, put it on your bucket list having in mind to actually accomplish it. We were there to do a few medium grade trad and sport multi-pitch climbs to satisfy Aubrey’s urge to be attached to a rope.
The difference is that you’ll never meet a guide-book climber who calls themselves a pioneer. As a relatively young artist and adventurer, however, I sometimes wonder for how long those moments will still be available.
We were going to get up at 4:15am, climb a mountain, take some pictures and then climb a 300 foot rock Aubrey had picked out. The day ends with a chance to enjoy Chattanooga's many tourist attractions as athletes take in the Tennessee Riverwalk and the beautiful Riverfront Parkway during the two-loop run.
And as if that wasn’t enough, it is designed with a removable slipcover to make it easy to keep clean.
When the meadowlarks started singing (my alarm) I decided the morning would actually best be spent dozing a little longer in the back of my truck. You’re forced to take a moment where you are physically tied down, but mentally unfettered. When the sun finally started shining I was out in the rabbitbrush, chasing light, and sometimes rabbits.
A good, dense hedge will not only keep away prying eyes from seeing in through your window, or your neighbours seeing your garden, but also look much better than say a wall or a fence. For an impatient person like myself, it’s both a difficult, and quite possibly a beneficial process. It was entirely unplanned, but I had a more honest and pleasurable moment of photographic zen than I imagine I would have had otherwise. Hedges of course encourage wildlife such as nesting birds and this should be seen as a real bonus.A traditional hedge would be one which provides good screening.

Incidentally, it turns out that the view I had in mind was not actually all that exciting after-all. Screening may be necessary for privacy, covering up something unsightly, reducing noise or also shelter from the wind. It’s impossible not to as there is no record for who was where first as there is for climbing.
Unfortunately, in the increasingly iWorld we live in that seems to be more and more difficult to do.
The more they happen, the easier I find it to simply focus on the moment, and do what I do for myself, and trust that interesting photographs will come. Ultimately, however, if the goal is achieving that moment of photographic Nirvana, it makes no difference, as long as you do in fact get there. They thicken out to provide density where privacy and wind protection are the priorities, they are evergreen, easy to trim, and gold varieties are also available.Yew (Taxus)Although slow to establish, golden Yew hedging can look fantastic in any garden. They can retain a relatively narrow shape compared to many other types of hedging, but overall still make excellent hedges for both privacy and windbreak purposes.Laurel (Prunus)Laurel hedging looks excellent once established. As well as bright, glossy green leaves, Laurels will form a tall, dense hedge, although bear in mind that this means they will require space too. And, as it turns out, it’s in those genuine moments that that precious moment of clarity is easiest to attain. Another major plus point is the fact that they retain their excellent foliage all year round and this makes them a good choice where hedging is being put in place for privacy purposes.Privet (Ligustrum)Although they have never been the most popular of hedging, privets are one of the most resilient, excelling in poor conditions, exposed sites and growing quicker than many other types of hedging. Most leaves are kept over the winter but it is often the case that other plants will struggle to survive around Privet hedging.Holly  (Ilex)Holly hedges are excellent for many reasons. They thrive in both sunny and shady areas, they are evergreen, will form a thick hedge, great for both privacy and wind protection, and are also a secure measure, with a thick, thorn-filled Holly hedge proving near-impenetrable. They bring colour once their berries appear, and are also available as a variegated variety.Hawthorn (Crataegus)A Hawthorn hedge has traditionally been one borne more out of necessity than choice.
Quick-growing, impenetrable and extremely tough, they serve an excellent purpose as a divide or barrier. I suppose it is the Western version of meditation; instead of mentally forcing all thoughts out of my mind, I physically put myself in a situation where no other thoughts are allowed to enter. They are often a popular choice in coastal areas due to their tolerance of the salty air.BerberisBerberis Stenophylla makes a fantastic evergreen hedge. It produces yellow flowers during the spring and will also produce berries if it isn’t pruned.
Although there are more formal and tidy varieties of hedging, the Berberis does have an elegant look to it with its narrow branches and small flowers. They are evergreen and also very thorny so create a secure boundary hedge.SpiraeaThe variety Vanhouttei is frequently used for hedging, and provides excellent foliage colour during autumn. Around May it will produce white flowers and it will be ready for pruning once these have finished.Low growing hedgingBuxusUsed often for topiary, Buxus also makes an excellent formal, compact, low growing hedge due to its slow growth and easy maintenance. They are evergreen and only really require a feed every so often and a trim in to shape once they become a bit untidy.
The downsides obviously are that they are not really very colourful beyond their greenery and that they do take a while to grow, but for an easily maintained, formal looking divide within the garden there are few better suited for the job.LavenderSmall Lavender hedges are excellent for creating a divide between two areas in a garden whilst also providing both colour and fragrance. English varieties such as Hidcote and Munstead are known to be the hardier varieties with Hidcote being the bluest of those two.

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