To capture gentle moving water that gives the photo a soft, smooth whitish feel you must use a long shutter speed.
The moment the sun bursts though the clouds, when ita€™s either setting or rising, creates real drama because the action is mirrored on the water.
Long exposure times create dramatic skies, which look like cloud trails and smooth, foaming water.
Clean cloth: Even if you are shooting on a calm day, you cana€™t escape the salt spray and the blowing sand.
Seascapes vary widely; even if there are no dramatic waves or skies, you can work with a moderately dull day by looking for aspects of interest in the rocks, the people, and sand.
Boston Harborwalk during nighttime at the city with beautiful buildings in the downtown Boston area. A photographer cana€™t control what will happen when shooting a seascape but can be observant and wait for the right moments.
Always have a filter to cover the lens to ensure that the lens does not get scratched (it is more expensive to replace a lens than a filter).

If you are on a beach, you can focus on points of interest like rocks, and people who may be exploring.
Using a wide-angle lens and placing the lighthouse in the far left corner makes the shot instantly different. You can even lower the shutter speed to a few seconds in low light conditions to create an ethereal soft blur effect. When you have completed the photography for the day, wipe the camera with a clean cloth and ensure that there are no grains of sand. Light has three basic qualities-intensity, direction and color, and all of them are affected by the time of the day. Using a ND filter helps reducing the amount of light reaching your camera fooling it into thinking it needs a longer shutter speed. For a more dramatic effect use a polarizing filter which will improve the color of the sky, bring out the clouds and reduce the reflected glare off the water. One more option is to choose your depth of field (by using aperture priority) and allow the camera to decide the shutter speed.

Use polarizers and neutral density filters as necessary; ita€™s far easier than using Photoshop later. With a waterproof housing, you can even be in the water for dramatic or creative photographs. For example, a pier that begins in the foreground and leads into the water creates a look of infinity. Remember, photographing seascapes will not only produce beautiful images, but is a relaxing way to spend your time!

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