Create a new layer and fill in the selection with bronze (#170802), but make sure not to deselect the rectangular stripe just yet. Hit command+T (ctrl+T on a PC) to enter Free Transform mode on your layer with bronze stripes. Command+Click (ctrl+Click on a PC) your logo layer in the Layers Palette in order to make a selection in the shape of it.
Move your original logo layer above the depth layer you just created in the Layers Palette so you now have a 3D looking logo. This is the step where everyone’s project will start to gain its own originality, but here is what I came up with for this step. This next step is such an easy way to really transform your wallpaper, and once again, this is another place where you can really add some originality to it, as well.

Next, remove its color by selecting the layer in the Layers Palette and then hit shift+command+U (shift+ctrl+U on a PC). This entry was posted in Photoshop Tutorials and tagged grunge, text effects, tutorial on October 16, 2009 by Jason Bobich.
There’s so many different ways to add cool effects, but sometimes they get complicated or cost money. Watch this video and see how simple it is for me to create multiple effects with just a few steps.
Step 4: Finish Up!Now take some various grunge brushes and paint about, adding to the effect. The truth is that most of these can be done if you keep these simple and don’t over think things.

I think this is probaly my best tutorial since my other ones look kind of fake compared to other peoples tutorials. Using a soft edged (dark grey) brush, brush where you want the colours to come through more.4. Using vertical & horizontal brushes from the Grunge Paint Strokes place them around the edges like below. We enjoy posting about Web Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Culture Design, Architecture and anything else related to design!

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