Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor hip-width apart with your with your toes pointing straight forward.
Menopause strikes every women and for a few it comes in smoothly not effecting their daily lives at all, but for some it takes a toll on their health and can set the hormones on a toss. This yoga pose stretches the spine and and releases stress from the back and can be helpful in treating menopausal symptoms of anxiety and pain.
Repeat 10 times. Depression and sleeplessness can be cured by practicing this technique regularly. As requested I’ve made a set of back poses, great for showing your tattoos or that special nice behind of yours.
Now inhale and bend forward elongating the torso and try touching the tips of the feet with your hands, without bending the knees.

Stretch out your hands up in the air, inhale and bend forward stretching your spine and elongating the body to touch the floor. Raise your leg to the side so that it is parallel to the floor and the hand still need to stay on toe. This phase had to be dealt sensibly and yoga can be one of the ways of dealing with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and more. The forehead should touch the ground and the hands on the sides, stretching over to the floor. The hands should be firmly grounded and you will feel the pull on your back and hand muscles as you rise and draw the shoulders straight. Stay in this position for a while. This pose stretches the limbs, and torso, releasing anxiety, and all the pent up feelings in the body and cures uterine problems.

Hold your breathe in this position and stay for as long as comfortable, then go back while exhaling.
The right leg should be parallel to the floor, left arm extended toward the ceiling, and right arm on the floor in front of the leg on which you’re standing. Repeat this circle again. Hot flashes and restlessness can be treated with these poses, and it provides a stretch to the whole body, relaxing the muscles and cures headaches.

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