Carrying around our smart phones all day long likely means we’ve got lots of good and trashable photos eating up megabytes. Yes, we have our own Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park, but sometimes you just want to get away. Directions: Take Caltrain south to the Palo Alto Station, then transfer to the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle and get off at Campus Drive and Mayfield South. Stretching out along Santa Cruz’s gorgeous coast, this historic boardwalk has everything you need to have a day of fun (and great photos). Spanish Mission placed in one of the most lush locations in California means Pure photography gold. You can’t live in or visit California without getting some of those classic shots of its dramatic rocky coast. Directions: You can visit more popular locations by taking a Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry to Sausalito and a Marin Transit bus up to Inverness (the park offers shuttles), but if you want the freedom to really explore the area, driving is advisable. Catch a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline while you watch the throngs who flock to this monthly football-field-sized antique fair. I was recently asked to recommend some good San Francisco Bay Area spots for engagement photography. SAUSALITO – With beautiful views of San Francisco, the ocean, a really nice fountain, and charming shops, the town of Sausalito is a great place to stroll through with loved ones and create some really nice photography. THE EMBARCADERO – The waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco, offers spectacular views of the Bay Bridge, Ferry Plaza, Pier 39, and Pac Bell Park. GHIRADELLI SQUARE – A landmark in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco, Ghiradelli Square, offers lots of different looks for photography, from great brick walls, to long hallways and views of the water.
PALACE OF FINE ARTS – In the Marina District of San Francisco, the Palace of Fine Arts, is a magical gorgeous place. GOLDEN GATE PARK – A huge Grand Central Park-style urban park in San Francisco, with lush trees, mini lakes, and fountains.

THE PRESIDIO – The Presidio of San Francisco is a park that was once a military base on the north-western tip of the San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO NEIGHBORHOODS – From the Financial District, to the Castro, Union Square, and the Fillmore you can find inspiration for every type of photography.
UNIVERSITY AVENUE – The birthplace of Silicon Valley, it is also the road that leads from Hwy 101 to the prestigious Stanford University. STANFORD CAMPUS – This location in Palo Alto, is especially meaningful for Stanford grads, and it’s generally a great place to photograph.
SANTANA ROW – An upscale shopping, residential, dining and entertainment complex in San Jose, is a great south bay area location for photography.
SANTA CRUZ – From the Boardwalk to various beaches and 15 minutes away from downtown Capitola’s multi-colored beaches houses, Santa Cruz is especially good for vintage looks.
MONTEREY – From Lover’s Point to Downtown to numerous beaches, Monterey is great for photography any time of the year. Whether you’re an instagrammer or Nikon junkie, isn’t it about time you got inspired to print out and frame a beautiful image? Hike, bike, or climb to the top, where you can actually see for hundreds of miles—it’s rumored to be the second-most expansive view in the world. And the tiny but mighty Hayward gardens (California’s first Japanese gardens) provide the perfect place to do that. Smiling faces, tasty treats, colorful, and historic, coasters… all there for the photo taking. Point Reyes offers craggy cliffs in spades, plus a smattering of historic buildings, coastal towns, and wildlife to keep things interesting. Diablo, Jonabel Perez, National Register of Historic Places, Thomas Hawk, Franco Folini, Nancy Pizzamiglio, Brett L.
The editorial staff has mapped out and explored hot spots outside of San Francisco - without a car.

This area is great for portraits, but it also great for landscape-type photography where you want your subjects to appear small in comparison to the background. With classic European-style architecture, you feel like you’re in Europe and your photography will reflect that. In addition to being a beautiful beach for photography, it offers out of the ordinary views of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also visit the Japanese Tea Garden and the De Young Museum among other attractions.
Great views of the Golden Gate Bridge are what you see when you when you look around, but there are many other options for photography… including a water pond, grassy hills, and many brand-new and clean red brick buildings. Although, you are not allowed to photograph at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay property, there are many great vantage points around the property. It’s a walkable, pedestrian–friendly community bordered by historic residential neighborhoods and tree–lined streets. From a Frank Lloyd Wright House to a Japanese Garden to a Tuscan-style vineyard, enjoy a visit to one of these top 10 photography spots in the Bay Area. On weekdays, when the park has less crowds, it is a especially great place for dreamy and vivid photography. This is a great location for engagement sessions, as you can get everything from a urban to charming downtown look. There is a $100 fee involved for shooting permits, but sometimes it can be worth it because there are many great backdrops.

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