One of my all time favorite areas to hang out and enjoy the new trends and foods of the moment in London is definitely in East London at Brick Lane and Shoreditch. I really enjoyed exploring this area of East London, it always seems bustling with energy and fun things to see at every corner.
The entire East End of London is filled with amazing graffiti from local and well-known international graffiti artist who are making an impression on the district with their bold and graphic statements, some political others comical with a colorful and graphic blend of today’s hip scene in the East End around the Shoreditch and Brick Lane areas.
There are so many fun hangout spots in the Brick Lane and Shoreditch areas of East London each filled with trendy bars, coffee shops, shopping venues and incredible street art.
Noel is a freelance photographer, writer and travel blogger who loves combining this love for photography and travel, being inspired with photographs and telling unusual stories. In this post you show all the advantages and temptations of a multicultural society, as can be found in almost every large city in Europe or the US: a smorgasbord of tempting international dishes, a vibrant art scene, and a quirkiness which makes it worthwhile to go on discovery in hidden corners.
We took a food tour of this area last year which was a great introduction to some of the fabulous places to eat and drink here. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Disclaimer and Privacy PolicyAll photos copyright to Noel Morata Photography, all righs reserved.
Do you ever take a trip and use ONLY your iPhone?I have done that at times, but not because I don't want to lug my full-frame NIkon around. These are all single exposure iPhone pics (as opposed to shooting with ProHDR, which takes two exposures and combines them), and all are adjusted with Snapseed. Below the Waterloo Station you have the House of the Vans at the Southbank destination of London.
A stay at The Montcalm Hotel at the Brewery London City will bring you straight to the Royal Festival Hall.
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An area that is quickly transforming area and gentrifying, and in my opinion has become the hottest place for food, shopping, art and overall fun spots to hang out in London.
On a nice long weekend, you can find a lot of impromptu vendors and displays of crafters, artists, clothing outfits and young entrepreneurs exhibiting very popular handmade or creative gifts on display for a quick sale.

You can feel all the excitement and energy to this hip area filled with art and unique designer boutiques catering the fun and young in the city. For more information about using any images or text please use the contact form above to contact author. The same has the wonderful location at the famous Oxo Tower and it stands close to the National Theatre.
You find the same in the Old Vic Tunnels and the place was unleashed for public viewing in the year 2014. This one is well located at the Southbank Centre and about 3000 people can sit at the place.
It’s all cash deals, but some of the better small businesses take credit cards to speed up more sales throughout the busy weekend periods. It’s really fun to stroll along the various areas and side streets to East London and check out all the cool hangout spots that are always evolving and exciting to discover. We’re hoping to make a trip to England this fall and this post made me more eager for it. The stage has witnessed some of the world renowned performances and here you can watch the work of the famous actors like Peter O’Toole, and then you can even sit and watch the performance of Judi Dench and Lawrence Oliver. The venue holds some of the independent shops and these are known to sell all the extraordinary stuffs like knitwear and home accessories. This houses one of the best indoor skate parks in London and you can even sit and hear live music at the place. This is a pure and perfect performance ground and at the place the tourists are able to enjoy the funniest and the most entertaining acts by all the famous and the known stand up comedians. I really love the  synergy, creative direction and individual small businesses that quickly come into being here. It’s fun to explore the entire area to find something unique and individual which most of these artists are trying to perfect in their products and art. In case you are in look for souvenirs then you can really discover something special at the place. You are made to feel great with the tune of the finest orchestras and the place is visited by the local and international experts for sharing useful data. There is an exterior bar offering the people who have come to the place for the purpose of watching.

This is known to be the famous Mexican Restaurant and the same is supervised by the British chef with the name Thomasina Miers. At Gabriel’s you can even sit at one of the mainstream restaurants and enjoy the classic taste of the food.
Here, you even have the cosy cinema arrangement and the bean bag sitting style is an added entertainment for you to experience and feel so unique.
In the Southbank zone of London you have the gamut of interesting tourist spots and this is the reason a visit to the city is just the right experience in life.
You get to eat at the Pieminster here and there are more things for you to enjoy and encompass at the place. You can even be at the cafe and the double bars and these are places known for serving US fast foods.
In consequence you can stand and watch the whole city being covered with light once it is dark. The tourists coming to the place would love the taste of the seasonal food being served at the Benugo Bar & Kitchen and you would really vote for the set menu at the place. To have the best Southbank London experience you can choose to stay at The Montcalm Hotel At The Brewery London City.
The hotel is decked and sufficed with all things essential and important to make you have the best of stay ever. It is well decked with all the specialties to make the visitors love the place like anything. The place is constructed by means of the old and the authentic shipping containers and at the place you are offered with the double place sitting style. The venue is just great to suffice you with all the important facilities and amenities in offer.

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