The most comprehensive online list of the best places to take photos in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.
If you find this page useful, note that I have created an eBook about photographing the city of Austin, which you can find here. The Best Places to Take Photos in AustinAre you looking for the best places to take photos in Austin? 4.) The Lamar Street BridgeThis is the same bridge I mentioned in #3, but instead of standing on it, go under it or go over to the pedestrian bridge I mentioned and shoot back to this one, so you can capture all the arches. I've been an Austin wedding photographer for the past 10 years and one reason I love working in this city is that it has a little bit of everything for every taste. The Capitol building is a massive structure made of pink granite and stands 14 feet taller than the US Capitol.
Great architecture, fascinating history, lush naturescapes, wide-open vistas, gardens, riversides, city skylines—whatever backdrop fits our personality, Austin has something to offer. Some of these will be fairly obvious, such as The Capitol, but hopefully some will be a little less well-known and provide you with some inspiration to get out there with the camera and get busy!

Austin’s is particularly great because, as a photographer, you have a very clear view of aspects that make the city unique. This 30-acre park is divided into several sections, including a rose garden and a Japanese Garden, which means that it’s incredibly versatile for photos.
South Congress is one of my favorite photography spots simply because it’s packed with a wide variety of stores, meaning that the possibilities for props, urban backdrops and things to do with couples are practically endless.
This list is clearly not exhaustive, and surely some of you will come up with additional great spots around here that I left off the list. I think the best place to photograph the city skyline it is from the Lamar Street Bridge—not the pedestrian bridge but from the bridge for cars. For me the highlight is all the flowers you can find there, particularly in springtime, as well as the waterfall.
You can also get into the House and Senate Chambers for some cool shots, if they aren’t in session.
It is a little tight but you can stand there with a tripod and get a great photo of the skyline with the river running next to it.

Let’s be honest—sometimes the best way to pacify a cranky child is with a little bit of ice cream. It is worth a visit and the nice thing is that they don’t mind if you are toting around a tripod. Come at night for an extra cool shot with all the city lights twinkling and reflecting on the water. The forum of the Capitol is packed with Texas heritage and is a great place to photograph couples who want to bring out their home state.

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