There are no fundamental differences between the ranking algorithms of mainstream search engines (Google, Yahoo! China’s Internet population stood at 210 million at the end of 2007, up 53% from the same time in 2006 when there were 137 million. China’s search engine market reached US$131.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2007, almost double from a year earlier. URLs – There is no need to use Chinese characters in URLs, because Baidu does not support Chinese character URLs.
Copyrighting – Write everything in Chinese, not only visible page elements (title, headings, page copy, link anchor text etc.), but also invisible elements, including Meta keywords, Meta description and ALT text. Content – Baidu is very sensitive to some information, so totally avoid mentioning or writing adult content, pornography or Chinese government forbidden keywords. Use lang attribute in a meta tag, or inside an enclosing span or div tag in HTML, to provide additional geographical and language information to search engines. As for English sites, SEO keyword research is equally important when optimizing Asian language sites.

If you wish to contact the vendor of this item prior to purchasing it, please give us your information in the form below. This figure puts China just 5 million users away from having the world’s largest wired population. It’s the leading Chinese search engine and the world’s third largest search engine with 3.3 billion searches per month, according to ComScore.
However, because of the language differences and specialness of Chinese, it does need to take extra care on the following elements when optimizing websites for Baidu.
In most Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, there are no spaces between words in a phrase. However, when you’re optimizing an Asian language website, there are certain rules you have to follow and some tactics and tools will help you to achieve the desired position on SERPs. Baidu is also the largest search engine in the Asian market, following by NHN which is largest search engine in Korea and fifth largest search engine in the world.
But writing URLs in pinyin is recommended, unless it’s your English brand name or targeting the English word specifically.

This difference means Asian search engines have the difficult task of understanding and separating words before interpreting the meaning of sentences and web pages. But Google’s Keyword Tool can be used on many languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Baidu does understand pinyin most times, and Chinese people enter pinyin in the search bar occasionally.
The quality and speed of word segmentation affects the quality of search results and has implications for SEO.

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