As a reward for making it to her breastfeeding goal, she wanted photos of her actually breastfeeding and I was more than happy to oblige.
Unlike many of my other breastfeeding shoots which are just mom and baby, I got the pleasure of photographing dad as well. This was definitely one of my favorite shoots and reaffirms my decision to not only offer breastfeeding shoots but to make them the backbone of marketing efforts.
Perfect for revealing the gender, or even the actual pregnancy, would be to use a chalkboard sign.
Using photos from the baby scans is a really nice touch and will be great for making the shoot all about baby. Involving pets in a maternity shoot can be absolutely adorable, especially if you can showcase them interacting with you and your bump.

Babies have a very short attention span which can make them notoriously difficult to photograph. Mums and dads are asked to bring in baby's favourite toys and props such as sunglasses, hats and costumes. After checking out a few other photographers, she decided to go with me and I could not be happier. Chris was a great sport about kissing Sam and playing airplane over and over and over… It must be just like being at home.
It was a lot of fun for me to watch, although it did make it a little harder to get him to look at me.
Floaty fabrics make a great prop in maternity photo shoots as they’re comfortable, feminine and sexy!

We also like to photograph the natural interaction between parents and their baby, as shown in the photos above . We planned our shoot for the most beautiful day and went where so many native Floridians do–the beach! When baby's attention span does finally go our photographers like to photograph their little feet and hands.

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