And as much as the teens in the photos are shamed, let us not forget that behind each camera, there was an adult who should have known better. To pose two teens together, make sure that they look like they actually want to be there with the other person. Take a page from Seniorologie founder Leslie Kerrigan and try out some playful poses, or even go with a concept shoot.
Hanna Brooks Olsen is a writer and editor for CreativeLive, longtime reporter, and the co-founder of Seattlish. Prom photos are especially susceptible to highlighting this particularly rocky and, often, unphotogenic phase of life, and there are plenty of websites out there just waiting to eat it up and Tweet it out.
Have them tilt their heads toward each other, ensure that their bodies are at least slightly touching in more than one place (a good choice for teens is to try an arm around a shoulder and a hand at the hip), and make sure that they’re doing different things. One of the quickest way to make prom photos awkward is to opt for overly-adult or suggestive poses.
It is the ultimate high school party and it is essential that you prepare for it in a proper manner.

Unfortunately, dancing will ruin your perfect image so you need to fix yourself up before taking a picture. This is especially true if you’re shooting a group of teens who are going to the dance together. You will remember this night for the rest of your life and the only proof you will have of it will be the prom photos.  A lot of people who look great in real life have a hard time taking nice pictures. In order to understand this trick you need to analyze the photos that celebrities take on important events. Not only does this add to the asymmetry that makes the image so visually interesting, it’s also a way to let each teen demonstrate their unique personality. This means that no matter how nicely you will be dressed at prom, if you don’t learn hot to look good in photos, you might end up with some failed prom photographs.
In this article we will give you a few prom photography tips that will teach you how to pose like a rock star. Instead they slightly turn to one side while still maintaining eye contact with the camera.

A great prom photography smiling tip is to stare at the floor and the quickly lift your head up and smile just as the photographer is getting ready to take the shot. Furthermore, you must also keep some tissues and face powder in your purse in order to freshen up your makeup.
It is this exact pose that you need to exercise in order to look amazing in your prom photos. Make sure that your teeth are squeaky clean and it would’t hurt to reapply some lipstick.

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