We don’t know about you, but to us, there has always been something slightly haunting and creepy about amusement parks. Vivian Park is located about 10 minutes up Provo Canyon.A  The park has a nearby railroad, sometimes even train cars, the river, a pond, open grassy areas, beautiful mountain scenery, trees, and playground equipment. We want to know about other favorite spots that people have, feel free to comment and share. Gabriel, it is located at the end of Provo’s center street like John said next to the mountains. I would think it will bloom late march, maybe early April but it’s been warm and I have flowers already blooming at my house. Hi, Ilko Allexandroff here, in this post I’m happy to share the behind the scenes for one of my favorite shoots that was shot in the rain. And finally the radio trigger – Cactus V6, it make my life quite easy because I don’t need to go to the flash to make adjustments of the flash power, and I and do them right from the camera! It was a rainy night, and for this shoot I needed a simple location without any distractions. For one, I did use some high ISO – 1000 to get at least a little from the ambient light but then, not too much to avoid the distractions of the background.
I Also find it quite important to let the model know these technical things, it will make your shoot easier!
For the camera and lens –  in the beginning I was very careful when I was shooting in the rain, using a raincoat and plastic bags, but the more I go out in the rain I actually see that even if it gets slightly incredibly wet it’s just fine, and I noticed myself not thinking too much about it.  I just go and shoot!
That is basically how I do my shoots, I think I’ve been on the location no more than an hour and it was raining all the time! To see more of his work please visit his studio website blurMEDIAphotography, or follow him on Twitter, 500px, Google Plus or YouTube. Stefan Kohler is a conceptual photographer, specialized in mixing science, technology and photography. When he isn't waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. Hope Howard aka HopeIsabelHoward on Instagram is a IFBB Bikini Pro, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer who offers custom diet and workout plans. We have collected 38 of Hope Howard’s most motivational Instagram pictures to help inspire you to go to the gym and stick to your diet plan! Thrilling and fun filled yes, but what happens after the crowds disappear and the gates close for the night?

Once filled with many happy memories and magic, these parks are now left to rot in various stages of deterioration after being ravaged by the likes of floods ( a number of the below images are from Six Flags, New Orleans which was left in ruins after Hurricane Katrina), financial difficulties and poor ticket sales. Jared first found his love of photography in high school and hasn’t stopped taking pictures since then.
We love capturing the emotion of the moments, whether that be in your family, senior or corporate session. This park has a bridge, a pond, a great grove of trees, benches, wonderful fall colors and even a playground for pictures with kids playing. It has a big open grass lawn, a cool board walk, a pond, big trees, playground, and even Frisbee golf course for fun after your photo shoot. Provo Castle – $20 (Take center street east, go through the round about to the Utah State Hospital. When you Go Down Center, Street and straight through the roundabout and then when you run into the red brick building at the hospital you go inside and pay the $20. Conditions were far from trivial and I’ll share some of my secrets as well as information about my location choice, lighting and how I usually shoot in rain. That was a road in the night, where almost nobody is passing, so I could shoot without being bothered! A single flash from behind the model, and with that light I wanted to build everything in the photograph! So, here comes the question: how I can get the model exposed correctly,  if I don’t have any light coming from her front side? Then I tuned in a faster shutter speed and get the white balance a bit cooler on the second shot!
Finally, to get some light on the model’s face, I asked her to raise he hand, this got some reflected light off of her hand to her face, and this is what you see in the final shot.
Here is what I do most of the time – get some mobile phone on the face line of the model and focus on that, then remove it and set the camera on manual mode. Another way to focus in the night is to have a flashlight, point it to the model when you focus then turn it off! Well, to be honest I’m not really trying to protect it so much, but if I’m in the mood I might get some white transparent plastic bags for the strobes. Model in the photoshoot is Yuzuki Aizawa, The models I often shoot with know that quite often my shoots will be at kinda messed up locations, and I want to make sure that they will be motivated to go to the edge for a good photo! Do you shoot in RAW and if so, what’s the benefit of adjusting white balance in-camera?

Of course I also adjust the white balance later, the point is that I want to get close to the result I want in camera! We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries. These extremely creepy abandoned parks have been captured first hand through the lens thanks to some talented (and brave) photographers who dare enter inside them. However, we lived for years in Provo and we have many locations in Provo where we love to take pictures.A  As Provo City winds down the Provo Photography Contest, we want to share our top 5 Provo locations as well and tell you a little about Silverstrand Photography. Jenni graduated in photography from UVU and quickly began to create images that people loved. You pay that in the building at the end when you can’t drive to the mountain anymore. The other advantage was that there were lots of water in the road too so I could play with reflections. I really wanted to show that rain, and I put the flash relatively far so I can light the rain at wider angle! You have to be careful to not change the focal distance and let the model know she is not allowed to move from that spot.
I was shooting a model on a rocky beach in a hard rain.  and by the time the shoot was done it was in the middle of the night.
Of course I need to give them a reason for that by shooting great photos, I think that how they become trusting me when I tell them my ideas!
You can see more of his work on his blog, as well as on his Facebook, 500px, twitter  and Flickr stream. I like portrait, I like rain (not sure my camera does however xD), I gotta try something similar to that, it’s very impressive! She has over 12,000 followers who she updates regularly with progress pictures, gym videos and photoshoot shots in various exotic locations.
I shot at this speed since I didn’t want to have any unnecessary distractions from the background to be in my photograph.

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