It is amazing how much power the tiny fist-sized organ pumping blood throughout our body has on our imagination.
The heart is typically shown as a pattern of two curves with a dip at the center coming down to meet at a sharp point.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Matching Tattoos For Lovers, Love Tattoos For Couples, Love Tattoo Designs and Sacred Heart Tattoos. This heart tattoo on the wrist keeps it simple with an elegant threadwork design inked in black. Inked with simple black strokes this heart pattern with a spiralling motif inside sits pretty on the back of the neck.
This tattoo combines the Celtic traditional knots motif with the red color of passion to make an elegant heart design.
This tiny red heart lock theme tattoo on the wrist seems to be just waiting for the right key. Styled in a gorgeous 3D design this big red heart tattoo comes with Roman numerals on a gold band for a rich effect. The black outline defines this simple red heart tattoo with a white flower growing through it, symbolizing love and peace.
Love is rare and precious like a blue rose, as this tattoo design combining a red heart with a blue rose seems to be saying. A free-flow dance of lines in many colors makes up the heart shape in this simple artistic tattoo.
The circle of perfection, the peace sign, and a red heart combine in a powerful message about love, peace, and the search for perfection in this simple tattoo.
Drawing on applique work for the design idea this tattoo shows an embroidered red heart with a huge needle through it. Stuck with pins on all sides to look like a pin cushion this tattoo of a red heart expresses a heart that is in pain.
Elegant wave-like patterns make up the lock theme heart tattoo shaded in delicate black hues on the back of the neck. Styled in musical note patterns and lines of music this heart tattoo celebrates the simple and intense joy of music in bright red. A bright and pure red shades this stunning heart tattoo with the tattoo date inked on the side making it a lifetime treasured memory. A romantic pink shade is used to color this ornamental heart theme tattoo styled in curves and geometrical shapes with flowing lines. Touched with delicate shades of black, this is a series of five simple heart tattoos in red and blue inked vertically along the inner arm. A pretty blue pattern makes up this simple heart design, with two dots on either side of the heart completing the traditional decorative look.
A lucky four leaf clover comes together with a red heart in this inner wrist colorful tattoo in red and green. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Le plus long chien du monde toujours vivant est Farrell, un chien-loup irlandais male, qui mesure 237 cm du nez a la pointe de la queue.

Le chien avec les plus grandes pattes du monde est peut-etre ce dogue allemand, tellement mignon quand il dort. Le chien le plus gros du monde le plus recemment designe par le Guinness Book (en 2001) est Hercule. Le plus gros chien sauvage de tous les temps existait il y a 15,3 millions d’annees en Amerique du Nord.
L’Anecdote vous revele aussi quel est le chien le plus style, le plus gros, le plus petit, le plus intelligent, le plus cher, ou le plus riche du monde.
Maui has a variety of water sports here on island and offer a range from surf to stand up paddle or kayaking adventures!
After spending less than an hour in a Van Nuys, California jail in connection with a hit-and-run thing, something just clicked for him. Does this look like the face of a middle school teacher who'd let his students have sex in his classroom?
Why did Colorado police ticket a man for having a broken windshield at an auto glass repair shop?
A local photographer tour guide will walk with you through the highlights and secret spots around town. Make paypal payment, and then indicate to us which Monday you want to join our Photo Walk of Bend.
Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, it is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, this roller coaster gives riders a sudden scare by stopping the train in mid-air. Steel roller coaster located at Tokyo Dome City Attractions park in Tokyo passes through a hubless Ferris wheel and a hole in the building. Located in Germany, the roller coaster train travels through a course of 1.2 kilometres long with seven periods of weightlessness.
Cool roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio rockets from 0 to 120 mph in 2.8 seconds.
Scary roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan features seats that rotate 360 degrees in a controlled spin. Stand-up roller coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio designed to have the passengers stand through the course of the ride.
GT roller coaster in Abu Dhabi sends two Ferrari F430 Spider carriages sprinting along twisting parallel tracks on a race to the finish line. As fast as the metal coasters go, wooden coasters are very scary due to the fact that they creak and sway. I would love to go on the under water roller coaster and the Ferrari roller coaster but the Vertical Velocity roller coaster, i would be yelling over everybody.
I think I better make my bucket list into a trip to ride as many amazing rollercoasters as I can before I get too old and my doctor stops me! Simple Heart Tattoos use red, the color of passion and blood, to ink the heart, or keep the look elegant with a fine lined black ink design. Check out this pretty heart outline inked on the finger in red, the color of eternal passion.

The swooping tail of the heart makes for a perfect climb for the teeny ladybird as it journeys upward. The red and yellow hues of the heart seem to draw on the hopeful rising sun for inspiration.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. We have small groups or private lessons available with professional, friendly instructors who work at the best surf schools on island! Maybe it was the orange prison uniform (really not his color), or maybe it was the food (bolonga sandwiches, again?).
In June, a judge revoked his probation from his infamous 2009 assault on Rhianna in connection with that hit-and-run business.
Take an easy stroll along the River, around Downtown, the Historic District and beautiful River Parks in beautiful Bend, Oregon.
In addition to fond memories, you will take home great photos of this easy walk through Bend. Six Flags directly ripped off Top Thrill Dragster after it was built and made it slightly taller and faster just to take away one of Cedar Point’s records (tallest + fastest coaster in the country). You get to see heart tattoo designs in which a pattern of knots, or vines, or jigsaw puzzle pieces are used to depict the heart. We'll never know what it was about spending 51-ish minutes in prison that made him snap, but upon his release, he declared he was quite through with music, and that his upcoming album, X, would be his last.
He's free to roam the earth until his August 19th hearing, but is facing up to four years in jail if he is found in violation.
A great way to learn more about photography and the beautiful places around Bend and Central Oregon. It was nominated because it gives the feeling that the only thing keeping you from falling out is your grip on the lap restraint. Body art also celebrates the heart through beautiful tattoo designs in a single color or many colors. The heart is a pretty motif that can be inked anywhere from the wrist, to the shoulder, to the chest area, to the back of the neck. Tattoo artists create many patterns using the heart as the center with motifs such as keys or wings used for deeper meaning. You also find the heart motif shown with a pretty floral design, or combined with the three-lined peace sign to send out a powerful message about love, nature, and peace. Tattoos showing the heart often keep the basic design simple while creatively playing with the form in artistic new ways, such as using a threaded design, a pattern with flowing colorful lines, or ink shades that make for a 3D look. Simple is beautiful, and sometimes the most basic heart shape can hold a lot of deep meaning, as these tattoo pictures show.

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