Went out back on our property the morning it snowed.  Good thing I got up early that day since it was pretty much melted in about 3 hours. Your mission this week is to find an old family photo and share it with the person (other than you) that is in it. We recently bought one of your All Dogs Go to Heaven prints (17 out of 250) at Put-In-Bay, OH. I think we all want to believe, and we probably are right that our pets are still there in spirit, playing and doing the things we loved about them in the first place. About the artistJim Warren is one of the most versatile and successful artists living today. This photo was taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of the best locations to view the New York skyline.

If you are interested in sharing opinions, experiences or even buying some photos, give me a shout! Waterfalls bring me to some of the most beautiful locations anywhere and Wolf Creek Falls is a good example. Traditional in the sense that he uses oils on canvas but anything from conventional, Jim creates what he feels - never conforming. That blur effect on the clouds and the water is provoked by the long exposure (30 seconds). A good quality tripod is required to avoid the vibrations provoked by the weight of the camera and the wind. Once you have crossed the Brooklyn Bridge (assuming you are coming from Manhattan), it takes just five more minutes to get there.

I really don't know which one came first, but both make a very nice combination, don't they?
Located in Banning state park near Sandstone MN, the location of this waterfall is truly idylic. Otherwise, if the tripod is too flimsy, the camera will not be completely steady and the result will be blurry.

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