Deepika Padukone Real Husband Name Wedding Marriage Real Life Love Story boyfriend List details are available here. Rusev and Lana got married and other Total Divas cast members are in Malibu for their wedding on the beach.
Well as soon as some of the celebrity couple is found to be dating all of their fans starts to predict about their future.
Ram Leela died in the end of the story but this film knot the two main star cast of the film into one relation.
When media asked Ranveer Singh about this love triangle he unveiled that he dont think so that there is any kind of love triangle in his real life love story because he believes that when you get into any relation you give all your loyalty, trust and sincerity in it. If you want to know more updates about the Bollywood world and the celebrities then dont forget to check out this webpage right now!
After the film both of them were spotted together in so many events and places as holding the hands. Some of the couple part away their ways after staying in so much dating stories such as Rabhir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif!

But there is one couple that is all set to plan their future as they are in deep love with each other!
Both of them have recently given another big blockbuster film Bajirao Mastani for which they have become one of the most favorite Bollywood couple. Each we are talking about Ram and Leela or we would say Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.
After get broke up with Anushka Sharma Ranveer Singh has find a new life in the face of Deepika Padukone. So many times this couple has admitted in front of the media that how much they both are important for each other.

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