We grant you a free royalty-free license to use these pictures on your websites and in designs, however copyright is not transferred.
Some of the stone walls are ages old, some old but renewed, and some new with shiny stones, after all I could not say which ones I like best, so instead of editing tightly I decided to upload them all so you can go through and see what you need or find useful.
As stock photos should be by definition as universally usable as possible, there?s little or no sharpening applied to the images here. I?ll stop here for today to keep the loading times of this page manageable and  will post the other half of this texture series the next days. Let’s face it, when you are setting up a little business, in the early stages money is tight and you might be reluctant to pay for a graphic designer to create one for you. The possibilities are endless!  Once you have a design you are happy with, save it to your computer.
Bahaha, I after thinking about banners for the craft room I thought this was going to be a rip off flag banner post, but I am still happy I plan on opening an etsy store very soon. Nice blog “Bandit Signs” are those signs which are used to show some kind of important thing to people.
Edit and print your own calendars for 2016 using our collection of 2016 Calendar Templates for Excel.

OpenOffice Users: The calendar templates below are Excel files that can also be opened using OpenOffice.
2016 Yearly Calendar Template - Create a calendar for 2016 or any year, using our Excel templates. Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites. As usual, you can download all those stock images for free by clicking on the low-res pictures (and use them in your designs, on your websites or as backgrounds of course, but please don?t re-distribute them. Flocking through my photo archives, I found quite a few, so as a result this page may load a bit slow, so please be patient if downloading images takes a bit longer.
Etsy is the most popular of these platforms so I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on how to make a custom banner for your Etsy shop. PicMonkey has a huge range of little pictures, banners, shapes and fonts that you can play with to create a design that suits your style and the aesthetic of your Etsy shop. Other alternatives are use a picture of your products (but it must be small so it will fit into the cropped area) or use a picture of something that you love that suits your style (like perhaps bright green grass or flowers) then use a text overlay.
My poor Etsy shop is a little neglected lately but it still ticks over and earns me some pocket money to spend on more fabric!

However, if you want a calendar designed specifically for OpenOffice.org, use the link to the right. You can also use these calendar images as clipart in brochures, documents, and printed calendars. A web site background needs perhaps less crispy detail (with a positive effect on loading times). You can also use your own pictures as overlays so you can insert images of your products into the banner. I do really love sewing up orders for customers, wrapping them up and sending them off in the post to their new home. We also have some yearly 2016 calendar images that you can use in documents or on your website (with attribution). These images are copyrighted, but you may use them if you include a reference link back to this page, like the example below.

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