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It was Matthew Arnold who once said that art should be mainly judged on whether it achieves what it sets out to do. Most games are structured around a central theme, plot or school of thought that drives the action on.
Despite referring to the “mini-games” on offer earlier, I must say that I was being very liberal with the term. For all the hating I’ve done on the gameplay of Peppa Pig, it must be admitted that the graphics and sound are a much stronger aspect of the package. The game has been released with a reduced price tag, but despite the cheaper point of entry, it is still hard to argue that it provides good value.
Step 1: I used the lasso tool in photoshop to trace out the front part of the egg tray and copy and pasted it on top of the base layer, this will create a sandwich layer for the head to go in inbetween them later.
Step 2: Then I opened up a bald celebrity photo and cut the head out and pasted it inbetween the layers so that the head will appear to be inside the egg tray. Step 4: Then I try to use the lens blur filter to blur the heads according to its position relative to its background image.
Step 5: Once that is done, I will give it an overall colour adjustment by using Ctrl+U and Ctrl+B to adjust the hues and saturation and colour balance of the heads. Step 6: Then I will apply the same lighting effects in the egg tray photo to all the head photo layers.

Can you also tell me more on how to copy and paste a different head to make a layer in the picture?
This is possibly the weirdest thing that I have seen somebody do in Photoshop I keep asking myself why would you even do it?
It is with this in mind that this review must come in two parts: Whether I enjoyed it and would recommend it, (this is what is fuelling the numerical score) and whether the children this game is clearly marketed at will enjoy it.
Unless you count the philosophy of Peppa Pig as a school of thought, then Fun and Games becomes little more than a collection of mini-games bound together by little more than a clumsy menu system and user interface. The idea of it being a game implies that there is some sort of objective to meet or score to obtain. After a few youtube views I now actually know what Peppa Pig looks like and I can safely say that the game does a good job of imitating it.
There are eleven games in total, but each one only offers a minute or two of enjoyment at max. As part of the series of photoshop funny manipulation tutorials, this article will lay out how to create funny big heads in an egg tray.
Notice that I have also flipped the head so that the lighting matches the lighting of the egg tray photo. Note that this step requires a lot of close observation of details on details of light and shadow.
That said the overall universe of the show is well presented with all the characters in the Pig family making an appearance, and I’m sure this will be enough for the majority of youngsters who will be playing this game.

The “games” in Peppa Pig possess neither, usually revolving around some very basic stylus movements that produce a visual effect on screen. The outcome can be used as a postcard or a funny birthday card design or for online poster printing. They’re pretty strong for a budget title however, being fun, colourful and faithful to the show. In terms of lifespan the game is practically dead on arrival and is unlikely to keep anyone over the age of four entertained for more than an hour. The score is based on that, but that said it would be unfair to entirely judge Peppa Pig based on my standards, as the game is clearly not targeted at people like me. The sound is in a similar vein with the voices and sound effects coming straight from the show.
This obviously needs to be taken with a pinch of salt (or Peppa mwahaha), but a quick flick through amazon seemed to show a lot of happy parents who’s kids really enjoyed the game.
In this sense if you are looking to buy the game for a younger family member who likes the show then it might just do the trick.

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