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Literal Fantasies (Erotica) Harry, heartbroken and newly single, turns to the Internet for solace. Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Alexandra Amalova, author of amongst other things, A Lifetime In Thirty Minutes. I am well aware of what a professional photographer charges for a package and many of my daughter’s friends were not happy with theirs. I have to admit that my daughter was very easy to take photos of so the editing was minimal , but here a some before and afters with a bit about what I did.
This photo came out horrible and I did not have the chance to get another shot, so even though the edit isn’t perfect, I am thankful for PicMonkey. I have seen a huge increase in my traffic and interaction from Pinterest (of course) with just a few simple edits of photos.
Also, We have received quite a few compliments on her photos and have even had people ask to me to take theirs. Excellent job I am so in love with these, I am going to try to do my daughter’s 8th grade pics !

Another tip when using filters on picmonkey, if you click on the filter (ex-intrepid)all the way to the right of the fade scale is a paint brush.
Invest in a pair of neutral heels with a medium heel or a pair of flat boats that will take you from season to season. Nine West Selene heel ($120). A Click on every single thing so that you can get familiar with what the edit does and how you can adjust it.
I have a simple Canon A2500 point and shoot camera with a good amount of settings, but nothing overly fancy.
Unfortunately I am too busy and I am in no way a professional photographer, I do however have a great assistant! A little nip here or a little letting out there can take a suit jacket from frumpy to fabulous. Banana Republic Black Lightweight Wool Blazer, $240 CAD online and in stores.
A I decided to test my skills knowing I would have PicMonkey to help me and do her photos myself. I live in scenic Maine, kind of on a permanent vacation, with my husband, daughters and handsome new grandson!
I have to admit, I am guilty , when we are out I see things everywhere that would make a great photo and I usually have a Facebook caption played out in my head to go with it.

We have a small homestead with a few animals, a bunch of fluffy egg layers and plenty of garden space. That way you can get the look on the background and then brush it off of your subjects so they don’t funny looking colors in their skin tones.
I love using my blog to showcase my work and connect readers with other fantastic brands & bloggers! A Between heightened technology in phones and digital cameras it is very easy to snap and upload. It also allows you to really customize their filters so you can choose to add just a touch or a lot depending on your tastes! A Then with programs like PicMonkey, you can easily edit your photos to take them to the next level. I like to use the “Soften” filter and then brush it on with a small brush to even out the skin tones!

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