If you liked this wallpaper and you would like to get more in you mailbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter! A Favicon is a small icon file that is displayed alongside your website URL in a browser’s address bar.
The websites reviewed here are favicon.cc, Favicon Generator, Genfavicon, Favicon Generator and Gallery, and Favicon From Pics. Generating a favicon is equally easy as you just have to upload an image, select size, and your favicon is ready.
The website has its own public gallery, and all the favicons that you create are stored in that public gallery. Favicon Generator and Gallery is another free platform that can be used by you to create favicon online.
As the name suggests, Fevicon From Pics allows you to generate favicon by uploading a picture from your system. You just have to upload the picture and generate a fevicon in one simple step.

You can create or generate a free favicon on these websites and embed it in your website URL.
Just draw your own design in the provided space, select a color, add animations to and your favicon is ready for download. The website provides both the options of generating a favicon by uploading an image or editing your own favicon online. It allows you to generate fevicons of different sizes, by uploading a picture from your system, or by pasting the link of an image available online. Also, if there are some other websites that you use for creating fevicon online, then do let us know about it. These are small size icons that help users in identifying your websites easily when multiple tabs are open. You can either design a favicon, or import image from your PC and turn it into a Favicon easily.

You have to place this grey square on the part of image that you wish to show in your favicon. All you have to do is upload a file from your system (supports image formats including jpg, png), choose a size for your favicon, and hit the generate button. There is also a public gallery where you can view fevicon generated by other users of the website.

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