If you want to capture great glamour photography you’ll first need to know how to properly pose a model. In this post, we’re going to share with you some glamour photography portrait poses and tips that you can instantly use to spice up your shots.
Before we move on to the glamour photography tips, we wanted you to have access to these two free glamour posing guides. Portrait photography poses that were common decades ago might not be in vogue in today’s era.
It can be pretty hard for some models to try and pose without a prop in their hands or something to lean, sit, or climb on etc.
If you provide your model with a prop of any kind you can also see how they interact naturally with it. Ideas for types of props you can use include a scarf, a rose with a long stem, flower petals, a sleek black walking cane, large necklaces, a fedora style hat, a chair, etc.
If your model happens to have any visible flaws you can always try to hide them with the poses you suggest. Portrait photos with a straight on pose accentuates the broad shoulders, which you do not want to do. Having that person shift their weight to the foot furthest from the camera will make the image more interesting as the model won’t appear to be flat footed. If you want to communicate properly with your model it’s a lot better to show them exactly what you mean instead of telling them.

When the model poses exactly the way you’re looking for and the image is perfect, show it to them to boost up their confidence and motivate them. In a way it’s similar to giving an athlete a pat on the back after coming up with a big play.
If you’re interested in tasteful nude portrait photography you can try it in a non-suggestive way if you want to stay away from x-rated shots. Each book is jam packed with tips and tricks that'll teach you how to become a better photographer, fast. Subscribe to Our Newsletter and Get Free Photography Stuff!Enter your name and email below and we'll send you weekly photography tips and enter you into our FREE giveaways. About FreeDPTOur mission is to share with you the very best photography tips and tutorials so that you become a great photographer. It’s the start of Fall here in Tennessee and I thought I would do a quick post on how digital scrapbookers and photographers can get great fall foliage pictures.
Consider raising the color saturation in camera or later in Photoshop, Elements, or your favorite image editing program. I’ll be out in the glorious Tennessee hills the next few days to capture some pictures and enjoy the cooler days and bright colors. Stan brings to the site a long career in the photo industry from working as a professional photographer to 13 years with Kodak to his present position asDirector or Marketing with Advanced Photographic Solutions color lab.Having spent all his adult life in the photo industry, Stan discovered the wild world of digiscrap through wife Jenn (better known as ScrapKitty Design).
Yeah, I knew that no matter what time I wrote the post it would catch some too late or too early (of course its spring time for our Australian customers!)Jenn and I used to live in Rochester and Jenn’s from Schenectady.

It’s true that some things are cyclical, but you can usually spot an out-of-date hairstyle and outfit and the same can be said for glamour photography poses. For example, if the glamour model is a little on the heavier side you should shoot that person at angles instead of straight on. With thinner models, mostly any type of angle goes, as you don’t have to hide many physical flaws. You’ll be amazed at how much this simple trick will work wonders for the rest of your shoot.
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If possible, always shoot from a higher than eye level angle as this tends to make a person look leaner. And, if you have any personal tips from your own shoots, feel free to leave a comment about those too! Now if my body just felt the same, the damp and chill here in Washington State is sometimes a bit much, but the colors this year are amazing.

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