A resort area in Lombok where numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops are located. A lot of visitors are spending time here with their families, as the beach is as good as in other beaches in Indonesia. Locals also call it Chinatown since a lot of Chinese have shops here selling different merchandises. Lombok is a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands located near Bali and the two places are only separated by the Lombok straight.

Climbing up to the mountain’s top is quite an adventure as visitors pass through the rich jungle.
Hopping between bars and restaurants will lead you to unique delicacies and cuisine that can only be tasted in Indonesia.
The Water Palace and Meru Purse Temple are also located here, attracting many tourists year-round. Upon arriving at Lombok, make sure to schedule your trips and your plan the destinations you want to visit.

Aside from the mentioned tourist destinations above, there are still many famous places to visit in Lombok, as it is a very large island.

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