Pin23 Share57 Tweet +1 ShareShares 80The best blog photography tips come from Lindsay Ostrom at Pinch of Yum & Food Blogger Pro.
If you’re here for natural cleaning tips, an easy recipe or a simple craft — this post won’t appeal to you. This doesn’t mean you can’t make an income blogging, it simply means you have to work harder to get ahead of the pack. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a decent blog using stock photography, it simply makes it harder to get ahead.
I would take hundreds of photos and spend hours & hours editing them only to end up with a few halfway decent shots.
During my photography struggles, I discovered an ebook that walks you through aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting, food styling, props, and all the photography tips you need to produce great blog photos. The book is called Tasty Food Photography.  It is written by the Lindsay Ostrom, the talented photographer and blogger behind Pinch of Yum! I was sailing along taking some pretty nice photos when I saw an announcement for a hands-on photography workshop at Pinch of Yum’s Minneapolis studio. I had a wizard of a calculus professor who would bring a cereal box to class and use it to explain mathematical concepts that otherwise baffled me. If you are on a tight budget I recommend starting out with the Tasty Food Photography ebook. Food Blogger Pro also offers a membership site that includes an online community of bloggers, education videos on everything from food photography and site back-ups to best practices for SEO and monetization tips.
I have learned tips on the membership site that have helped me increase my page views 89.36% in the last year.
If you are serious about making an income as a food or lifestyle blogger you need to get ahead of the pack. Whether you are a food blogger or a home cook hoping to capture your favorite dishes in photos, it’s always helpful to have a few go-to tips to make those images as beautiful as the dishes themselves. While you can get really fancy with the best cameras and lenses, and the most complicated post-processing acrobatics, there are some really simple steps that you can take that don’t require a lot of expertise or time to make your food photos look fantastic. As I mentioned in Capturing the Holiday in Photos, I have been exploring all of the tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is the most powerful post-processing software available in its price range.
If you are new to food photography, I’m going to say something that may surprise you….Step away from the built-in flash and move away from the overhead lights! Just a little sprinkle of parsley, a leaf of basil or a colorful napkin is sometimes all that’s needed to take a colorless photo from boring to beautiful. This lentil stew has fantastic flavor, but when it comes to appearance, it is the plain Jane girl sitting in the corner.
If you are unfamiliar with “depth of field”, imagine some of those beautiful photos you’ve seen in your favorite food magazine or cookbooks. All DSLR cameras have the option of changing the aperture, which affects the depth of field of the photo (read your camera manual for more details).
When I scroll back through my old food photos, I realize that I had some serious issues with focusing my camera. If you are shooting on a lower shutter speed (in other words, the time between pressing the shutter and the final click is longer), the photo is likely to be blurry. You’ve taken the photo at several different angles, played around with the depth of field and used garnishes to your heart’s desire. Adobe Photoshop Elements is fantastic for any level of post-process, from the most basic to mind-blowing adjustments.
In this sequence of photos, the “before” photo is on the left and the “after” photo is on the right. Thanks Dara for this list on what most photographers should check out when photographing food.
August 1, 2016 By Kristen Stevens If you are looking for tender, moist, and crazy delicious Zucchini Cornbread Muffins, these are for you. Warning all you cornbread lovers out there: this may be the last cornbread recipe you will ever try.

Inside these beauties is a full zucchini, grated into little zucchini bits, that keep the muffins moist. And because we’re talking cornbread, and nothing goes better with Zucchini Cornbread Muffins than cheese and jalapenos, these babies are cheesy and a little spicy.
These delish Zucchini Cornbread Muffins wouldn’t be a thing without my super awesome sister and her super awesome garden.
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BUT (that’s a big but) you can bop right over to the homepage and fill up on my other projects. Scroll through the Pinterest feed for awhile and you’ll see the same images used again and again. She used pizza delivery times to illustrate statistical analysis in a way my brain easily understood. The studio is in a converted warehouse and had amazing brick walls, with huge windows, and gorgeous natural light. There were 12 students in the class, some were seasoned bloggers and some were just thinking about starting a blog.
The Food Blogger Pro podcast, Bjork’s weekly podcast, is STUFFED with great blogging information whether you are in the food & lifestyle niche or not. You may be capturing your family’s traditional Christmas cookies or snapping a photo at your favorite restaurant’s holiday brunch. Whether you are using a full frame camera or an iPhone, you can capture some wonderful images.
At the end of this post, I’ll show you how I made significant changes to one of my photos with a few simple steps. The built-in flash , while well-meaning, can produce less than appetizing effects, while overhead lighting casts a yellowish glow on the food.
Do a quick scouting session around your house and find the window that is letting in the best natural light at that time of day. This is particularly true when photographing fall or winter comfort foods – in other words, the brown stuff. The “main event” is in focus in the foreground while the background is beautifully blurred and almost ethereal looking. If you are using a point and shoot camera, there are some tips and tricks outlined in this article to help you achieve the same effect.
Clear the extra plates and cooking utensils out of photo, and let there be some negative (blank) space. If you are familiar with the manual mode of your camera, by all means play around with the ISO, aperture and shutter speed to achieve the correct effect without any blur. In other words, it’s time to pull out some tools in Photoshop Elements to make changes to exposure, saturation, sharpness and so on.

In this example, I’m going to show you how to use the “Quick” setting to make some pretty significant changes to a photo.
Follow along as I make some basic changes to the photo, using just the exposure, saturation, sharpening and cropping tools. Using the individual sliding scales, adjust the saturation, color (saturation and hue), white balance and sharpness.
I too learned by making mistakes and (horrors) actually posted some photos using flash in my nascent days.
I am just starting out on my food photography journey and have been looking for something just like this.
Like when I go to a restaurant and order something I dream about every day for a week and then every time I go back to the restaurant I order the exact same dish. Or are you one of those totally adventurous types who orders a new dish each time, not caring if it doesn’t hold up to the magic of that first meal? I LOVE everything to do with food: making it, taking pictures of it, and (the best part) eating it. This guideline is utilized by aligning a subject with the guide lines of a tic-tac-toe layout and the intersection points. Subway claims that the move to phase the chemical out was already underway before the petition came to be.
While the bread won’t have azodicarbonamide in it any more, does that make Subway sandwiches a fresh and healthy option for diners? You will have the opportunity to enroll when registration opens in the spring and won’t have to wait another year. Take the plate of food and set it near, but not right beside (you don’t want the lighting to be too harsh), the window. Perhaps it looks best when the light is coming in from the side, or maybe you want to catch the light shining through a glass from the back. If you’re shooting with a smart phone, don’t despair, there are several camera apps available, such as Big Lens, that allow you to adjust the aperture and shutter speed.
Instead of including all of Grandma’s glass ornaments, perhaps you could just choose your favorite one? If you’re uncertain about your camera’s features, spend a few minutes flipping through that section of the manual. Feeling a little pang of food ordering jealously at all you brave and daring folk who change your orders as often as you change your underwear. Subway restaurants in Europe and Australia are apparently already making their bread shoe rubber chemical-free. Removing one chemical from a list of ingredients does not change the fact that Subway is a large, industrial chain, and while the sandwiches are made in-house, consumers are kidding themselves if they think it’s a wholesome option for lunch.
The main focus of the workshop is photography, but I felt like I walked away with some real gems of blogger knowledge. Those few minutes may result in photos that are much crisper than ones you’ve taken in the past.
I’m only a touch embarrassed to tell you that I wiped the bowl with my finger so not a drop would go to waste. Or perhaps you are most drawn to food photographs that make you feel as though you are sitting at the table with the food right in front of you. If there isn’t an attractive surface to place the food on, bring along a wood cutting board for a background.

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