Focusing on positioning and the finer techniques that are so important to reaching your lifting potential, this class is definitely one for anybody wishing to learn a new skill, or excel in their, strength training, weightlifting or Crossfit training in Solihull or Birmingham.
Weightlifting works on improving reactive strength involved in almost all sports, whilst improving both flexibility and power output! DC Design has over the course of the last several years, has developed high-quality tooling and prototyping techniques to bring to life the most spectacular of automotive designs.

Initially production of Avanti will be 300 cars per year starting from 2013-2014 at DC’s Pune Workshop. Hero Ignitor Shamik ChatterjeeShamik is Mechanical Engineer who is passionate about Cars and Bike.
This VVT (variable valve timing)-equipped engine provides 240bhp at 5500rpm and 366 Nm of max torque at 3500rpm.The standard transmission choice is a six-speed manual unit, with a six-speed automatic on offer as an option.

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