In todaya€™s Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to integrate a female model in a dark environment and apply abstract lights effects over the scene.
Now select Brush Tool (B), hit D on keyboard to bring colors to default and set your foreground brush color to black. So this was an alternative way for some cutting out, usually people use Channels to do this. Leta€™s dona€™t get so excited, as this is only the first stage of the extraction, now wea€™re going to need to blend this model with a desired background.
Now leta€™s go to Layers Palette, right-click on the a€?modela€? layer mask and select Apply Layer Mask. Output will create another layer with the settings below applied, so you can just basically delete or just turn off the previous layer. Grab Brush Tool (B), set it all the way to 100%, but decrease the Spacing to 1% and check the Smoothing option. You should handle this easily by mouse, 1% spacing leta€™s you to give a very accurate erasing.
Now go to Layers Palette, make sure youa€™re on the a€?shadinga€? layer (the last one created as Clipping Mask). Next, as indicated in the second image below, grab soft brush (with the same settings as in step 11). The next images show you how your layer mask should look after painting and the result of painting over Curves adjustment layer mask. Next, go to the very bottom of Layers Palette and create new layer above the black background layer.
Again go above all the layers in Layer Palette and create new adjustment layer a€“ Gradient Map, on the very top.
Next, create another Gradient Map above, change the gradient as shown below and this time set its Blending Mode to Soft Light and lower its Opacity to around 40-50%. Now as you can see it look almost transparent, so add a Layer Mask to the chiffon layer grab Brush Tool (B), pick black color and erase all the visible black image edges, as well as some of the chiffon.
Repeat previous step as many times as you need and create a nice connected a€?smokea€? effect, by mixing those chiffons. So this is how it looks after proper erasing, ita€™s kind of time-consuming process, but if you do this patiently, you will achieve great results. Now that we have the fire effect under one layer, leta€™s apply a set of effects over it to make the fire look more like an abstract light. Next, go to the Layers Palette again, hold Ctrl and left-click on the model layera€™s thumbnail. Now, grab Brush Tool (B), make it very soft, change the color to white and start revealing the layer mask. Here is a small issue, this adjustment (if set to soft light or overlay) causes a huge contrast differences, even though ita€™s decreased to 69% opacity, it still makes the edges of the model look pretty bad. Now create another group above the a€?woman adjustmenta€? group, name it a€?background splashesa€?. Now after you add something to the a€?background splashesa€? group it will only affect the background without touching the model. When you applied everything correctly, you should receive the same result as in the 1st image below. Hit Ctrl+I to Invert the colors, then if youa€™re bothered with some parts of the splash, just erase it with Eraser Tool or using Layer Mask. Try to blend this splash more to the background, you can either erase it using Eraser Tool or a Layer Mask. Now go to Layers Palette, grab Paint Bucket Tool (G) with color picker set to black and fill the Shape Layera€™s layer mask with black. Then, when you find it, just paint as indicated below to reveal a little bit of the green color.

Repeat the previous step as many times as you want and use different colors for the circles.
Hijab is very beautiful fashion for young girls as well as for elders it keep your hair safe from dust also keep you warm in winter season.
Here today I will tell you how to wear hijab in different styling you can choose one of your favorite tutorials and apply it. Here some pictures which will help you how to cover you head in a very cute and stylish way it is also fashion now a day girls are adopting this fashion very rapidly you can save these images because all styles are different and cute also do comment which style you are going to adopt. As we know that women fashion is necessary but don't underestimate needs of men in fashion.
It’s easy to craft stylish clothes with a few easy steps that will help you revamp your wardrobe. With the help of these tutorials you can turn your old clothes into new trendy and stylish pieces.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Abstract effect can be applied widely for main object or background, as long as the abstract effect can match with your artworka€™s theme. Make sure all your brush options are set to 100% and then paint in the same layer, over the light spots to fill them up with black. Press OK and then go to Layers Palette and turn off the visibility of the duplicated layer.
So create a new layer below the a€?modela€?, grab Paint Bucket (G) and fill it with black color. Next hold Ctrl and left-click on the a€?modela€? layer thumbnail, this should bring up the selection. Basically, at that point I decided to cut some hair totally and dona€™t play around with further extraction. Next, pick #572e16 color and paint on the a€?shadinga€? layer as indicated in previous step. I assume you already have your Brush Tool (B) selected, so now just pick #180d07 color and simply use mouse to paint as indicated with red arrows.
When youa€™re done, select all those fire layers (simply hold Ctrl and click on their names in Layers Palette, one by one until you select them all). Remember that you can always adjust your adjustment layers, for instance a€“ lower the opacities, or paint on their masks if you feel that the effects are too strong.
So first of all, create a new layer in this group and change its Blending Mode to Linear Burn, change the Opacity to max. Adjust it as shown, separately for every channel (Red, Green and Blue a€“ all 3 are in the same position). Everything goes about the light, we need to create an impression that the blue fire is really there, thata€™s why she needs some more blue tones over front of her body.
So go to Black &White layer mask, grab black brush and get rid of the dark edge (2nd image below). As final adjustment, create normal layer within that group, change its Blending Mode to Overlay, grab Brush Tool (B) again, use soft brush settings and paint with #8be7ff color, as indicated below.
Hit Ctrl and left-click on woman layera€™s thumbnail to bring up her selection, then hit Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse selection and while having the group still selected click on Layer Mask icon.
Ita€™s the same process of adding the mask, with the difference of using Selection Inverse. So with that being said open the stain image and whatever way you will choose to extract it, it will be fine.
There was no erasing done, those adjustments worked perfectly a€“ they not only changed the color but also did a nice separation. Type the same settings as mine and you should achieve similar golden smoke result as below.

Use same ones, vary your brush size and using black color, paint on mask to get rid of the unwanted smoke parts. This trend start from the Muslims in their Islamic point of view it is necessary for women to cover their head and I think it is very Positive thinking and very good habit. You will also see many style are available here you can easily get this look in a very rapidly just focus on the steps and get this stylish look. If you still haven’t tried one vintage hairstyle before, then it is high time for you to reconsider this season. Youa€™ll learn how to use different textures, brushes as well as adjust colors to make an interesting abstract piece .
We want to create some cool light effects over the model, not to do a full and elegant retouch after all. Ita€™s indicating how wea€™re going to shade her to make her body and clothes blend with the background better.
Do it along the suggested red line and trust your own taste of where to add more and where less.
Then grab Paint Bucket (G), pick black color and fill Curves layer mask with black (1st image below). Next grab Brush Tool (B) with the same settings as in step 11, and paint using #dac5b5 color in spots indicated below. It was the most efficient one for me, play with those settings if you wona€™t be satisfied with your results. When youa€™re done adding adjustment layers, the image should look similar to the second one below. Then create new group right below the fire layer and while having the selection active click on the Add Layer Mask button. Then refer to step 40, fill the Layer Mask with black again and now using white brush (while painting on mask) add some shadows as indicated.
It can be rough and inaccurate, the importance is to get rid od the surrounding white color.
To make this effect even more massive, duplicate this stain few times, use some rotations and place it along the smoke. Set your brush to very, very soft settings (Hardness 0%, Flow 5%), go to Layers Palette and left click on the Vector mask thumbnail, this should spot your circle shape over the image. In this modern world we should take care of our respect also beware of bad companies we can take help Islamic quotes.
Today, we’ll show you 17 ultra-charming retro hairstyles to give you a retro-glamour inspiration! Basically wea€™re going to create some nice sparkly effects and connect them with a certain model, mixing up everything with a nice suitable background.
The cut out never works perfectly, so you either have to blend it properly or just do some more accurate extraction. So go to Layers Palette, create new layer above a€?modela€? and hit Ctrl+Alt+G, this will create a Clipping Mask (and it should look like you see in the preview below). Do not pay attention on the selection, I just used it to show you where to enhance the shadows, you dona€™t need to create that. Then create new layer above all layers, change ita€™s Blending Mode to Soft Light and softly enhance her body and clothing as shown below (green light indicates where to paint).
When it comes to vintage hairstyles, we’ll always have sultry waves and amorous curls in our mind.

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