The kids quite literally had a blinding time in Legoland (ahema€¦sorry) after driving across Singapore's border into Malaysia recently. Still, these photos should knock Shamusa€™ recent piggy photoshoot off the top spot for EL's Worst Amateur Photography Award. We went on a Friday - meaning the park was fairly peaceful - and we spent six hours circling three favourite areas.

We had a junior suite with connecting deluxe twin room, giving us the luxury of a living area as well. It took 30 minutes to drive from Legoland to the Renaissance, which has an open-air pool and the most delicious buffet dinner and breakfast wea€™ve had in a very long time. There was plenty of healthy food on offer (salads, sushi, lots of seafood) and plenty of not so healthy (candyfloss and a chocolate fountain for the kidsa€™ dessert).

We would go back again, just to eat!Costs for the junior suite for two people plus breakfast are $290 a night, and the connecting deluxe room plus breakfast is $170 a night.Getting thereWe drove to Legoland and, as we were staying at the Renaissance on the other side of JB, we took the Woodlands checkpoint entrance over the Causeway to check in first.

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