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Subscribe to my mailing list for inspiration, tips and offers delivered straight to your inbox! As my husband and I prepare to move from the first place we’ve ever known as home together, feelings of excitement and sadness battle for first place in my queue of emotions. While I recognize that a house is simply made of walls and a roof, I have grown to love our little home and the family that we have become while living here. Not sure if you were talking to me or Tori (who posted this as a guest poster!) I don’t have any children yet but love hearing other mothers’ experiences!

I haven’t owned my own home yet but it does remind me to keep photos of apartments or areas I live in. It was where my husband and I truly became one, where we recently welcomed our first child. How fun would it be to have a little gallery wall full of pieces like this, or even to just display them all on the mantle? We have a family photo shoot planned for this month and I can’t wait to take some shots like these.
I feel like I’ve left a piece of me in each place and grown so much in each one, too. With chambray tops and denim on denim being all the rage now, I’m sure it WOULD actually look pretty dang good! It is small and creaky, with battered baseboards and paint chipped walls, but right now, this old house is our home. These illustrated maps by Lena Corwin capture the little things that make a place special and will keep fresh in your mind all that you came to love about your old home. I will always call those places home and wish so much that I had pictures to put with those memories!

This house is a fixer upper (wish we would have known that when we bought it) like we already had to get a Buck County roofing company out to replace to the roof. She loves collecting wooden plates, watching Nora Ephron films, and spending time with her husband and 11-month old daughter. They are the images that capture our daily routine and the beauty of those small, everyday moments.
As weird as it sounds I like that we are having house problems because when we think about our first house those problems are going to make us laugh.
These images of Naomi and Eleanor Davis from Rockstar Diaries, captured by Carissa Gallo, do just that.
I am going to have to take more pictures through out the years, and do that with every house we get.
I also want to take a piece of the house with me, like if a piece of the banister breaks off or something like that and make a scrap book with pictures of the house.

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