Have you ever booked a family photo shoot and then hung up the phone with a knot in your stomach because although the photographer might be a pro, you are NOT a pro at having your picture taken?  Switch the tables.  Have you ever booked a photo shoot and hung up with a knot in YOUR stomach because you want a game plan for your shoot?  If you answered yes to either side of the scenario, today’s post is for YOU!  Here are 6 Tips for Your Family Photo Shoot (with a bonus tip tucked in there too)! Sarah and David are getting married at stunning Peckforton Castle this summer but instead of our usual engagement shoot we did a family session to include their two children Hanna and Owen.
We are getting pretty busy with the wedding season now moving into full swing but we do still have space for family shoots if you want to get it touch, because kids grow up fast! By True Photography, November 05, 2013 Promos Just in time for the holidays, True Photography is offering our absolute largest savings of the year on family photo shoots!

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It was a lovely sunny morning so we went out to the moss valley near Wrexham and made great use of the natural environment, which I think looks so much nicer than the clinical white backgrounds you see in most family portraits. We will artistically capture your family as it is now, and create iconic images that future generations will enjoy and cherish. This shoot is great for immediate or extended family, and also makes a fantastic holiday gift! However, we are only able to offer this special rate to our first 50 families that inquire.

True Photography is known for producing innovative, stylish, and timeless imagery, and each photographer is hand selected for their creativity, technical knowledge, and charismatic personality.
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