The ultimate lazy Sunday is one where it is overcast with a light drizzle thrown in for good measure. Accompanying the hazy weather was a hauntingly dreamy mist that can only be described as inviting for any photographer, it doesn’t happen often where Mother Nature provides your effects for you, especially in the last dregs of a Hiveld winter.
This corporate charity event was an annual event that we covered for a few consecutive years while it was running.

I thought that my Sunday was going to be one filled with the crinkling of chip packets and enough DVD’s to mush a mind, fortunately for me (and my waist line); Bronwyn had other ideas.
I was thrilled, I always have the most fun when I shoot with Bronwyn and the end result is always breath-taking. Keeping tabs on the weather and on the time, we had to make sure that there would still be enough light to capture what Bron was trying to get.  Thankfully she was able to.

Thankfully though, it did eventually start playing along and we managed to get a few incredible shots!

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