If you are looking for outside caterers in Solihull, or around the West Midlands, the Sandwich Board is here to help. When you need catering for family occasions - buffets for weddings, funerals, Christenings and all other events, just contact the Sandwich Board. We also supply great canapes for parties and corporate catering is very popular around the Solihull area. We are the most popular suppliers in the West Midlands for filled party food boxes and filled party bags, which we also do by mail order. With staff qualified in food hygiene, having full public liability and being CRB checked, we can offer an excellent outside catering service which is flexible and of an extremely high standard.
Sophia came to the studio from Sutton Coldfield recently for a baby portrait shoot with her Mum and Dad.
We are extremely lucky to have the Apley Terrace, a sandstone escarpment which follows the River Severn and is completely wooded.
At the end of the day tea and homemade cakes are served and guns are presented with oven ready birds..
Accommodation can be arranged either in the Hundred House, a very well appointed local pub restaurant, or in the Apley Estate’s luxury self catering holiday houses.
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I have shot at Apley for over 20 years and would rank it among the most exicting days pheasant shooting I have had. The most comprehensive form of shooting insurance in the sport and underwritten by Hiscox & Amlin.
Traditional shoot cancellation insurance that is underwritten by Hiscox, allows you to cover all the guns on a single days shooting. From shoot reviews to general thoughts, news and valuable information, the GunsOnPegs blog has something for you. Eley Hawk have provided GunsOnPegs members with information on the tricky subject of game cartridges. Where to practice, what to wear, types of shooting; our guide to shooting for the beginner will help you understand the etiquette and rituals to shooting game. See the latest shoots, reviews, shoot updates, new classifieds so you don't miss an opportunity through GunsOnPegs! If you are looking to buy or let a shooting estate, why not have a look at the estates on offer? Find a clay shooting school near you to brush up on your skills, prepare for a competition or simply for a fun day out.

I'll be posting information about my latest activities and images from recent weddings and shoots. We are based in Knowle and offer event catering for all occasions, outside catering, children's party catering, packed lunches and afternoon tea at a venue of your choice. Children love our party food boxes because of their design and contents, and their parents love them because of the quality of food and value for money. We bring everything needed, the delicious food, vintage (matching!) bone china, table coverings, cutlery and even the flowers and the music. Sophia is at that great age for baby portraits, where she could sit but not crawl and whilst we didn’t get many smiles she was really content and fascinated by my camera. Then look no further than our definitive list on various species and when you can shoot them. If you are having a business lunch, we can provide an excellent, reasonably priced, consistent service. Anybody wanting top pheasant shooting in the welsh marches could not choose better than Apley Park.

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