Lisa Gerhart suspected murder suicide: Did a Phoenix Arizona mother choose to take her life and those of her two children after her husband left her?
Lisa Gilbert a 45 year old Gilbert, Phoenix, Arizona woman has shot and killed her teenage son and daughter along with herself in an apparent murder suicide after her husband, David Gerhart left her.
The bodies of the family members were discovered on the evening of July 25 after a concerned neighbor and close family friend, Paula Testa noticed a running vehicle parked outside with a hose running from the exhaust pipe to the inside of the two story family residence through a window. Upon responding to the scene at the 17700 block of East Prescott Place, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told of finding the family member bodies along with a handgun next to the body of Lisa Gilbert.
Upon entering the carbon monoxide filled home, a report via nbcphoenix told of police finding the bodies of the children upstairs with that of the mother’s in another part of the house. Wrote Paula Testa on facebook pursuant to the shooting deaths: ‘Lisa was an amazing mom !
Authorities have since told the bodies will be examined with investigators seeking to determine whether carbon monoxide was being pumped into the house before the suspect shot the children. Along with conducting autopsies, Arpaio said sheriff’s deputies will be checking phones and computers for any possible evidence. Responding to media queries whether sheriff’s deputies had been called to the house before, Arpaio said he was unaware of a potential history of domestic violence and that the father of the children had separated himself from the home recently.

That said, questions are being raised as to whether the purported murder suicide was linked to the husband having left his wife. In the aftermath of the tragedy, some, including this author have wondered if Lisa Gerhart ultimately chose to take the lives of her children in order to punish her husband for having left her. In the 10 paragraph Lisa Gerhart is referenced as Leslie Arpaio, you may want to fix hat typo?
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