Please bring your original into the Studio to discuss your options and receive a free estimate. If you have more than one copy of the image you would like to restore, please bring them all in for us to see - no matter how big or small. Brendan Finucane was a well-known ace during the war, being officially credited with 28 victories. Stapleton is thought to be one of the most outstanding pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. Location photo shoots at your premises or choice of location can be booked on a full day or half day basis. Login to your password protected gallery to view the full album of photographs from your recent photo shoot or event. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to quote a price for a restoration job without seeing the original.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George V, above, on June 27 1940 after participating in a mission to rescue a pilot stranded in Calais on May 23.
He qualified as a pilot in 1937 and was posted to Hornchurch, living with his wife in Elm Park. He was nicknamed Stapme, after a catchphrase in the Daily Mirrors comic strip Just Jake, which was his favourite. He was a fighter pilot in the First World War and RAF Northolts station commander in 1940. Corporate head-shots, Architectural photographs, Documentary and Lifestyle photos for Victory in business!! He died weeks later on July 24 after his plane was in a dogfight over Margate and hit a sub-station. During the Dunkirk evacuation Barwell shot down five enemy aircraft and he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1941.

He fought throughout the Battle of Britain and had success flying offensive patrols over France. He fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940, finishing the war with 11 victories and two shared victories, flying the most operational hours. Pease died on September 15, 1940, after attacking a flight of enemy bombers single-handedly over Kingswood in Kent.

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