For even more picture outfit ideas check out these and for some great family picture tips you’ll enjoy this helpful guide and inspiration! Subscribe, Learn More, or connect with Aimee on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. This is great info…my kids are so big, I hope to get them to participate at Thanksgiving for a shot or two! What about when you are having a 4 generation, several family picture, should each family be dressed in their own color scheme, (but not clashing with the group) to be able to identify each family in the photo later?
Since it’s the season for Family Pictures, and knowing from personal experience as well as from clients that figuring out what to wear is one of the biggest stresses, I thought I’d share what our family has worn from year to year for pictures.
Not only are there individual family pictures, but 3 extended family pictures ideas, which will help you visualize colors for a larger group.

If you’re gonna take family pictures on a beach then why not get outfit inspiration from the water?
Along the lines of the pastels above, mint and peach and their cooler tones look great when combined! Black and gray with any color will look great, adding some color on the bottom helps whether through shoes or pants, and not just tops.
Sometimes I think an outfit is perfect for photos and then I look at them and it’s horrible. We will be doing our family portrait in the next week so i found this really interesting, thanks.
Of course I want to change it up each year, and since I LOVE having our family pictures taken, I’ve got quite a lot to share!

Click the color link above to see the extended family picture and how everyone selected their clothes for the group photo.
I want to do the baby in pink and do different shades of blues the rest of us with be in jeans.
I asked Ashley to pull from my site what we’ve worn the past few years, and some are old with small images, but I hope they can inspire you to think outside of your standard color palate!

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