Anybody well-versed in the intricacies of Instagram composition knows that the right filter can make or break a photo. Prisma is a free photo-editing app that lets you apply a variety of filters and other photo effects to transform your snapshots into stylized images.
With 33 art effects to choose from—aptly named after the art styles they copy—Prisma can become highly addicting, so beware—your Instagram feed is in danger of selfie overload. Yesterday Reddit went absolutely crazy for a new concept that would turn your iPhone into a Gameboy, and it turns out, it's real. Friends, here’s a set of 20 popular social media icons in two different sizes including retina-ready.
The download file includes 4 editable PSD files of the icons with effects and without effects.
First of all, you are more likely to produce nice bokeh if you use a DSLR camera rather than an automated point-and-shoot camera. Larger aperture works best, so set your camera to aperture priority mode (usually denoted as ‘A’ or ‘Av’ mode on your camera) and use a low f-number.

If you don’t have a subject you will be focusing on, you can create the bokeh effect with the lights only. Once you’ve mastered all the technical stuff, you can start using bokeh in your everyday photographic work. PS BTW, there is another alternative for those who wish to add bokeh effect to their photos easily without using a DSLR camera. While there are quite a few already available through the photo-sharing app, it’s always a good habit to keep a collection of Instagram companion apps for further image tweaking.
Underneath the hood, instead of just slapping on a filter over your picture, the app uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to scan your photo and apply effects in the most stylistic way possible.Like any other photo-editing app, Prisma lets you take pictures with your camera or access your gallery for photos already saved on your device.
After the app creates the “artwork,” slide your thumb over the photo from left to right to adjust the intensity of the photo effect you’ve chosen.
We can now confirm that the tentatively titled SmartBoy will be something you can eventually buy. Bokeh is actually those eye catching soft circular patterns of light within the out-of-focus area of a photo.

And, vice versa, get as much distance as possible between your foreground subject and the lights in the background (that will make the bokeh effect). I shoot a lot of and I use this effect (in camera) to really make the subject jump out of the page. A thing to note, though: Prisma’s canvas space is square, so expect a bit of cropping to happen if you’re planning to edit a bigger image. When done, you have the option of saving your work or sharing it on Instagram, Facebook, and other services. These are some of the more obvious ways to retain your following on the behemoth that is Instagram.

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