Each of these custom picture frames is available with the option to choose the Cub Scout or Boy Scout logo. Ordering several Custom Thank you Picture Frames for Boy Scout or Cub Scout Troop? STEP 2: Wash the window frames with Plascon Metalcare Waterbased Degreaser, rinse well with clean water and allow to dry.
STEP 3: Prime the windows with Plascon Metalcare Metal Primer for a long-lasting barrier against rust.

STEP 4: Finish your window frames off with 2 coats of Plascon Waterbased Enamel for a durable, long-lasting and chalk-resistant finish. This entry was tagged Construction and Maintenance, DIY, DIY Guides, DIY How Tos, Doors and Windows, Guides, How To DIY, How To DIY Guides, Materials and Supplies, Metal Primer, Metalcare, Plascon DIY, Plascon Products, RemovALL, Repainting, Repainting Steel Window Frames, Repainting Steel Window Frames DIY, Repainting Steel Window Frames DIY Guide, Steel Window Frames, Window Frames. For brush application you can use Plascon Sanding Sealer (SS16) followed by a single coat of Plascon Universal Undercoat and followed by 2 Topcoats of Velvaglo. For spray application, we need a little more information before we can advise you correctly.

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