The rebreather provides a Damage Resistance of 3, but no DT, and grants unlimited oxygen while submerged underwater. The rebreather is one of two pieces of apparel the player can equip in Fallout: New Vegas which provides Damage Resistance instead of Damage Threshold, the other being Vault 11 jumpsuits (the trenchcoat has a DR of 5, but is flagged as unusable by the player). The rebreather is located in the apparel section of your pip-boy and cannot be worn in conjunction with any kind of eyewear, but it can be worn with most headgear such as the Space suit helmet or the combat helmet. If you fail Jack's mission or if Janet is killed, when trying to gain the Boomers' respect, he will only say "Go to hell, outsider. Upon completing the quest Volare!, the rebreather is still considered a quest item and therefore cannot be dropped, sold, or placed into any storage devices. The rebreather is not an air filtration system, and cannot protect the player from the Cloud in the Sierra Madre.
If the player character's sellion is big enough, it will poke through the mask, making the mask extremely unfashionable.
We got some of our inspiration for this shoot from the Grimm TV Show posters for the show and others we created from scratch.

We had a very talented team that helped to put this together, actors Chris Bridgewater as detective Nick Burkhardt, Riordan Berry as detective Hank Griffin, Nate Cricket Gothard as Monroe and the Wesen (creature). Metapods don't have a lot of combat options, and usually choose to harden themselves and wait for would-be attackers to go away. Stoneskin (Sp): A Metapod can cast stoneskin on itself as a spell-like ability usable 3 times per day at a caster level equal to its hit dice. This web page is Not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with the owner(s) of any copyright material presented on this page.
Interestingly enough, since the goggles helmet can be worn with glasses, it can also be worn with the rebreather. Stay away from me." which means you cannot communicate any further with him, and making the obtaining of the rebreather difficult. It has been a HUGE 3 months of organising, doing the photoshoots and editing the images for Grimm.
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We had a great time working on this photoshoot and Kevin was very busy putting into practice all his newly learned editing techniques. Each image took between 1 to 3 days to edit depending on how many elements were in each shot.
It cannot be worn with certain helmets, such as power armor helmets, but can be worn with most hats. We also got a bit of guidance from talented commercial photographer Michael Herb on a couple of the images.

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