On September 13, I will have been using Windows 8 as my main operating system for exactly one year. If you don’t want to mess around with your registry, RetroUI ($5) does the exact same thing for you, with the added bonus of letting you disable some other Windows 8 features, too (Charms, hot corners). But yeah, performance and smoothness wise Windows 8 is great and is the reason I’m using it (and I also like the opaque non-Aero interface).
Of course, if you want to live with the Start screen and get used to it and like, that’s up to you.
But again, people shouldn’t be holding back from Windows 8 due to the new Start screen. While I agree with the customization possibilities, I’ve kinda decided already to stick to the classic menu, since its fits my needs currently, and I have no use for the apps in Metro.
Those apps in Metro are great, no doubt, but the stuff I do on the computer doesn’t need those apps. Of course loving cool new tech and adapting to change is why i love my job as a Network Manager. Start menu use: Open recent items, My Computer, Control Panel, Docs, User folder, and a few other shortcuts, specially the ability to open recent items in individual apps like Word, IrfanView, etc.
So you’re having to use both the mouse and keyboard for it, which defeats the purpose and makes it slower. In addition to that I personally don’t like that it covers the whole screen, and that everything is over-sized in order to work well with touchscreens.
In the end I don’t see any advantage of using the StartScreen over the start menu (with the exception of maybe some weather info and similar info you could put in there).
In both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (in desktop mode) you press the start key and then type in the application you want. I wholeheartedly agree that Microsoft has screwed the proverbial pooch with this dual interface.
A) I like to play games, chat with friends, shop for lots of crap, and fuck around on FaceBook all day long. D) I’m like, grammatically inept an stuff, when like I use computer to like do stuff for my things to me. I agree with completely with Dan – I hope Microsoft is taking it in the ASS on with Window FKing 8. Linux has a small database built into their system that when someone plugs in a USB interface, printer etc it can automatically install the driver from the list of database and use it. Nobody that did not install and use win8 for a few weeks should not be allowed to talk about it. Not always bad, but progress is not always measured by going to the next highest numbered product or a different look and feel either. Plus the fact that, for the business sector, it doesn’t make sense to force people into a different interface.
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I guess those who don’t know about hacks like Classic Shell etc will find it painful and might never get totally used to the Start screen, but those who do know about those, just upgrade. Pretty cool if you’re on a multi-monitor setup, where one screen usually displays the desktop — just click once on the desktop, Alt-F4, Enter, blam!
I use the browser for checking email, Twitter, Facebook, etc and have a tab open for each of them at all times, so no need of apps related to those (and I have a smartphone for that stuff as well). The future of the OS it might be, but it’s certainly nothing that is important or of use to everyone. Sure, they can be added to the taskbar (I have some there already) but that makes the taskbar cluttered (and I don’t group things together). I get all my work done on the desktop and my smartphone, I have no use for tablets, and a laptop is something again that I don’t really need (I will get one if I find myself needing it during travel or on the move).
I primarily use the start menu to search for applications and settings, as well as to quickly use the power options (shut down, sleep, etc). Also the fact that you can’t go directly to the desktop when power up your machine is stupid.
I can effectively navigate the inner workings of a computer without accidentally deleting critical portions of my operating system.
I also have been using windows8 for a long time and it’s refreshing to read about windows8 from someone who seems to have had the same experience with windows8 and the new UI.
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Whether you’re within the game, in the gym, as well as in the office – G Fuel drops you back in life’s motorist seat.While energy beverages pretend to provide you with buzzing power with their sugars and syrups, they don’t quite suit you perfectly. But I appreciate the tips (specially the right-click on left corner for options like Device Manager, which I had heard in passing but hadn’t tried, but will use it now). I love Windows 8 for the performance improvements, the awesome task manager, and other changes, but the Start screen is not something I have much of a use for. The beauty of the start menu was you could open it, get access to what you need, without ever having to go away from what you were currently doing.
My financial situation gets me by nicely but it needs saving up to buy new components, and a 24″ monitor is not within my reach right now unfortunately, let alone touchscreen monitors (upgrading the computer to be able to play games is hard enough).
What I find most annoying about searching in the start screen is that it only searches for apps and not settings!

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Think right back and remember the very last time you heard about energy beverages causing health problems for their nasty chemical substances and additives. For more tips on surviving Windows 8 without a touchscreen, read our ultimate guide to Windows 8 on the desktop. Because no matter what, I do NOT want to switch to a full-screen menu each time I want to access some shortcut or something. And like I said, the idea of using full screen apps on the desktop doesn’t appeal to me. I haven’t used it so I can’t honestly say if it or not, but the only way to find out is to try it!
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Finally, the content of the letter is laid out in neat justified paragraphs with the signature on the bottom aligning with the date at the top of the letter. With the old Start menu, you stay on the desktop, you don’t move away to an entire new screen, which is always better in my books. Also if I open Windows Update in the Start Screen, it takes me to Metro version of Windows Update instead of the desktop one.
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