By looking at a conceptual photographs usually it is not expected that a viewer will say its beautiful rather he will  ponder and  get lost into the world of creative ideas hidden within each photograph.The depth of each photography ideas are very much highlighted through magnifying certain objects and minimizing the others in order to emphasize over certain concept.
I would like to know why do my photo appear on this website without any reference to the author!
Till date, every photography always found new ways to show their work to express themselves and create new trends and techniques to remark their work apart from the rest of the crowd.
Creative Photography is an art in itself, that requires a skill and precision as we know, it is one of the most creative artforms to come out of the digital age. Today we present boundless creative photography ideas to which will get you thinking about what new and different tactics might capture the attention of your community! This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. If you think that you are an excellent cook and can cook food worth presenting to others or sharing your special culinary tips to other aspiring cooks, you must start a food blog or write blog posts (on others’ blogs) about your various recipes. Have you experienced that presentation of food is sometimes plays a major part than the real flavor of any food? In any kind of photography light plays a key role, and in food photography it becomes even more important. While finding angles for your food photography, you can understand that you can take a shot from straight up, or from side or any other angle – angle is not a big problem.

All aspects of photography are subjective, but one thing called depth of field is more subjective than others. If you desire to bring all the food in focus, but not the background, you may require a tilt-shadow lens, especially if you are photographing at an angle. Conceptual photography is very liberal kind of an art in which the photographer uses all his photography ideas and gives them a picture by using all means of photography whether its natural pictures or artificial ones drawn by different computer software. It is of course important to present the food in such a way that it should look more delectable than it really is, because only then people will be interested to read about it. For lighting food while photographing it, a soft light should be used and not highlights and shadows that are harsh. This type of lens enables you to alter the plane of focus, thus instead of being parallel with the sensor of the camera, it makes an angle. Otherwise take help of a professional food photographer like who will capture excellent photos of your foods which you can proudly present to others. It is not absolutely essential that you should put food photos in your blog, but adding photos can certainly offer the next level to your post.
You too have experienced it yourself that when you look at the photo of some food that is looking very nice, you read it eagerly to know what it is and how it is made. If there are many details on the top of the food, which you want to be noticed by viewers – e.g.

These lenses are pricy and so if you are on a tight budget you can go for the Photoshop effect.
No matter, after reading you come to know that it is a commonplace dish that you make every day. A shaded corner getting natural light reflected from a brightly colored wall or something similar will work well too. Though it won’t give the photo the greatness like a real tilt-shift lens, with Photoshop plugins like OnOne FocalPoint or Topaz Lens Effects you can blur some parts of the photo while keeping the subject in focus. Take a look at Montreal food photographer to understand how to do excellent food photography.
And if you want to show the top as well as side of your food, better you choose a 45° angle. This is in case you have a limited option of taking photos; otherwise there is no reason for not taking photos of your food from multiple angles.
Remember not to light your subject (food) from the front directly, because that way light will pierce in those areas too where shadows should increase the appeal of your photo, so your photo will look texture-less and flat.

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