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Valokuvaus, digikuvaus, digikamera, digitaalikamera, Tammikuu 2013: helmikuun 2013 uutisiin. Valokuvaus, digikuvaus, digikamera, digitaalikamera Tammikuu 2013: helmikuun 2013 uutisiin. What if we told you that you’re capable of taking photographs that grab attention — and keep it there — just by learning more about your camera?
Enjoy step-by-step tutorials from professional photographers Jeff Sinon, Nicholas Donner and Katie McEnaney, as you learn the ins and outs of your camera to achieve your best results yet. It's clear, concise and gets to the heart of the camera's multiple and often confusing options.

As a result of his thoroughness, my confidence in being able to use a new piece of equipment soared.
I have been using digital SLRs for years i realize that I am not really getting the full potential out of all those buttons. Start by learning the pros and cons of your camera’s various modes, and get tips on caring for your lenses, for years of great images. Set up and customize the advanced features of your dSLR to work best for the way you photograph. Read on…Download the free Guide, Get Started Shooting With Camera Basics, written exclusively for Craftsy, and start taking better photos. Olympic scoring recordGenetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPRWalsh Jennings and Ross survive tough test vs.

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